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What Pastor Chris Oyakhilome Said About Gospel Singers Who Don’t Serve In Church

What Pastor Chris Said About Gospel Singers Who Don't Serve In Church

– Pastor Chris Oyakhilome On Gospel Singers Who Don’t Serve In The House Of God

The President of Believers Loveworld Nation, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, has said Gospel singers who have been given spiritual gift of singing, should use their gift to serve in the house of God and not to market their self for fame.

Pastor Chris who in recent times, gave out over 50 cars to ministers, called out gospel ministers who market themselves and use the gift of God to make fame. He said you cannot use the gospel to make a career for yourself or use it for a personal agenda.

“if you have a gift for singing, you are either going to use it in the house of God to serve him or you are going to use it for yourself to sell your personal agenda,” he said during a Sunday service. 

“if you want to serve God, use your ability in the house of God. Use if for God’s purpose, not to market yourself.”

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The clergy man said gospel singers shouldn’t use the gospel for a personal agenda, or a platform to showcase their talent, saying they are sinning against God.

“If you are a true singer, and you are not singing in the church, or you are into music and you are not doing it inside the church, then you are doing it for yourself. It means what you are doing is selling yourself and using the gospel for a personal agenda, and it’s a sin.” Pastor Chris said.

Pastor Chris has warned those engaging in this very act of using the gospel for their own benefit to stop, telling them the end to it has come.

every gift he has given us, read your bible when it is a spiritual gift, it is used in the house bf God. But if you want to use an ability given by God to make money, or to gate fame, don’t do it with the people of God. Don’t do it with the saints” he added.

Pastor Chris on Gospel singers who don’t serve in church

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