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Maverick City’s Naomi Raine Preps To Debut Non-Worship Solo Album

Maverick City Naomi Raine Preps For Debut Non-Worship Solo Album

– Maverick City Naomi Raine Gears Up For Non-Worship solo album titled “Jorney”

Maverick City star and worship leader, Naomi Raine is preparing her new solo album release titled “Journey”, and encourages her listeners and people to know that her songs goes beyond the ones they are familiar with.

The worshiper who reflected back on when she dedicated her life to God, has been on a journey of releasing her own songs, as she has been writing songs since was a child, got to release her first single titled “Not Ready”.

“I just pretty much grew up in rehearsal and in church for my whole life, groomed in music, groomed to go after the presence of the Lord,” she said in an interview with The Christian Post. “When I was 11, I got filled with the Holy Spirit and that started my relationship with the Lord, just a time of devotion.” 

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Ahead of her vocal submission to Maverick City “Jireh” and “Promises,” as a young girl she’d sit in her closet “praying in the Spirit, listening to music and singing to God.”

“I spent probably four or five years doing that. As I got older, I then got interested in boys and got a little distracted,” Raine revealed.  

Raine who discovered Jesus through that season revealed she found out about the grace of God and the gospel which is what thickened the call upon her life.

Naomi songs today are built on her knowledge and revelation about God, which is widely received all over the world, alongside her group Maverick City.

Naomi, talking about their achievement said:

I have never experienced anything like this in my life”. “We all have personal stuff that we go through mentally and some of the lies that the enemy told me is that ‘Nobody cares about what you have to say. Nobody cares about your voice. Just be quiet; just sit in the back.’ And so a lot of my devotion and worship to Jesus was super personal and private, and I was good there. Then I realized the Lord wanted me to come out. 

“When I’m out there worshiping, I’m not worshiping y’all. Like I’m not worshiping for y’all and to y’all, I’m worshiping God, and hopefully, somebody decides to worship Him too. It’s really about Him. So just to see that people are actually responding to that, and they want it, and they’re going deeper in their relationship with the Lord, people are getting saved, people are getting healed. Getting delivered like that is just mind-blowing because He said He would do it, but it’s amazing. It’s like the miracle of childbirth. We know it happens every single day but it doesn’t cease to be amazing.” 

Maverick City Naomi Raine Album isn’t the normal way of worship songs that are sung everywhere in churches and fellowship. But a message which is talking about a woman’s relationship with God, the album “Journey” also touched a bit on mental health.

Journey is not just about mental illness, it’s about facing the truth. It’s about facing yourself,” she said.

What I realized is that when you face the truth, and when you tell the truth, tell yourself the truth, and tell others the truth: you are going to go through difficulty. And if you can’t handle that you can slip into depression, you can slip into some of these places because it’s difficult to tell the truth and change your life,” she said.

Listen To “Not Ready” (The Single) – Pre-Order “Journey” (The Album) below:

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