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Pastor Bolaji Idowu Survives Gunshot Attack From Robbers – Shares Miraculous Testimony

Pastor Bolaji Idowu Survives Gunshot Attack From Robbers On Okada

– Pastor Bolaji Idowu Survives Gunshot and shares testimony

Pastor Bolaji Idowu recounts how he was attacked and how he escaped death experience from okada riders in the early hours of Wednesday, during a walk.

The Harvesters Pastor, via his friends Facebook page narrated how he was attacked and how he escaped from robbers who attempted to rob him, they also shot at him for refusing to surrender his belongings.

Pastor Bolaji Idowu said as he escaped death experience, “I want to let everyone know that I am alive, whole and well. I would like to use this medium to share my testimony with everyone.

Bolaji Idowu Survives Gunshot


“This morning, as my culture is, I woke up very early, somewhat around 3 am and 4 am, and decided to take a 2-hour prayer walk around a major road in my vicinity.

I have been doing this for a while now, but an unusual happened this morning when I was walking back to my residence around 4.30 am

“I had my phones in my left hand, while I had my earphone plugged in my right ear, because I was listening to the Word as I prayed.

“As I approached a certain juncture, I saw an okada rider having an argument with a passenger who was seated on the bike.

I was only only 10-15 steps away from them as at the time I noticed them.

“As I walked towards them, I realised that the passenger, while he was seated on the bike, suddenly grabbed me by the right hand, and demanded for my phones and wallet.

“I had my phones on my left hand because I rarely put my phones on my right hand whenever I am observing my morning walk.

“The passenger threatened me, and remained hesitant on collecting my phones and wallet, while the Okada rider remained silent.

“Initially, I assumed he was only trying to bully me, so I queried him.

“This got him so annoyed. As a result of his annoyance, the guy dipped his hand into his pocket and brought out a gun immediately.

“When I sighted the gun, I just believed that the faith of God took hold of my spirit, he added.

Pastor Bolaji Idwou noted that, “This faith prompted me to shout ‘In the name of Jesus!’

“I would usually raise my hands whenever I am screaming the name of Jesus, and as I shouted the name of Jesus with my right hand up, my hand accidentally hits the wrist of the hoodlum (the one with the gun).

“He became really annoyed by my action. Consequently, he took the gun and shot at me.

“Before I was able to process the event my eyes just witnessed, they drove off.

“All I could remember was that I heard this huge noise with my right ear, and I knew the man had just shot me.

“Luckily, there was a mall close to me, and I had to walk right in.

“After I got there, I asked the security guard if he could help me check whether I was bleeding from the back or around any part of my body.

“After the security guard had checked, he told me there was no hole on my shirt, and doubted if I was truly shot.

“This is my testimony! How does someone who is three or four metres away from another shoots at his target and miss?’

In fact, one of my friends from the US doubted me when I narrated the story to him.

“I knew the guy shot at me. I saw him do that with my eyes.

“The Spirit of God later revealed to me that an angel was right beside me who diverted the bullet.

“There are many things to say but the reason why I am putting out this video is to let everyone know that I have been delivered by an angel of God.

“Please, take a moment and take God for me. I could have been in a morgue right now.

“By the time I returned to my residence, I was still feeling the vibration in my ear region for like an hour.

“It was amazing because the ear he shot was the same ear which I had my earphone plugged into.

“There is something very amazing about this incident.

“Before I left my apartment this morning, I was just thanking God for my health.

“I heard the Holy Spirit ask me ‘What exactly are you thanking me for?’

“I answered and said, ‘I had not done any medical check up, for the first time in a very long time.’

“I was just thanking God because there was nothing significantly wrong with my body despite the fact that the doctor examined my body over and over again.

“I was just saying ‘Lord, I am thankful for life and health’ but I didn’t know that that was a prophetic prayer..

“I had no idea that I would be attacked.

In fact, my wife told me days prior to this incident about the huge urge she had to pray against sudden death.

“I am saying this to encourage someone about the good and kind nature of God.

“I am going to share a video attached to this post which will explicitly describe the details of what transpired.

“Watch it in the comment section, and thank Jesus on my behalf.

“This did not happen because I am a pastor, or because I have a big faith, this is just an act of God’s mercy.

“For those who have lost a loved one as a result of an incident similar to this, I know you know what the anguish and pain feels like, this is why I need you to thank God on my behalf.

“I will take some time to preach about it today (Wednesday, May 18), and we will express our gratitude to God during the next level prayer session tomorrow morning.” Pastor Bolaji Idowu said as he escaped a very close death experience.

Bolaji Idowu Survives Gunshot

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