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Debbie Marioghae | Greatest Love

– Fresh New Music By Debbie Marioghae Tagged Greatest Love

Deborah “Debbie” Marioghae (Born 12 September 2006) is a Nigerian-Filipino singer, pianist, model, best-selling author, and blogger. She is currently a student of Prairie Christian Academy, Alberta Canada.

She found her passion for singing at the tender age of 6, and started playing the piano, ukulele, and guitar thereafter. Some of her other hobbies include reading, cooking, boxing, swimming, running, cycling, vlogging and documenting her life experiences through social media and Youtube.

She’s been featured in several international radio and tv networks.

Her music debut began with performances at her church and school events. At the age of 15, Debbie released her first-ever single “Greatest Love”, a song she co-wrote with Kristopherson Madrigal, with the collaboration of Marcus Davis Jr. who produced the electrifying song.

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She’s the new face of contemporary pop, and R&B music, with sweet harmonies. You can access her song on Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, Tidal and all digital platforms.

She desires to inspire people of all ages everywhere with her gift, and plans to make the world a better place by sharing the message of love, hope and positivity – to transform lives and unlock the potentials of people.

This best-selling author, writer, and talented painter is readily available to carry out modeling activities for charity and humanitarian causes.

Her father, Dr. Tony Marioghae is a popular global conference speaker and the president of TEAM International while her mom, Dr. Ernaida Cuevas Marioghae is a professor and former consultant to the congress of the Republic of the Philippines.

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There were times I lied
Without all the stutter
I was kind at times
Coz I seek something better
I’m not always patient
Oh I can be rude
But you tell me it’s worth it because Your love endures
Pre-Chorus x2
It’s not always okay
But you’re ready for that
It does make a change
His love is like a seed
That if you water everyday it becomes a tree
There’s a season and a time for everything and I see that love is
Like a seed that if you water everyday it becomes a tree
Verse 2
From the moment that I wake up, You never leave my mind
Didn’t know I could be better, til You stayed by my side
You knocked on the front door
I did not hesitate
Oh you never left till I opened my heart to You all the way
Pre chorus x2
It’s not always okay
But you’re ready for that
It does make a change



Instagram: itsdebbiemarioghae


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