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Twitter User Shares How Shouting Name Of Jesus Saved Her Life In Trailer Accident

Twitter User, Trailer, Saved Her Life

– Twitter User Narrates How Calling On The Name Of Jesus Saved Her Life While Driving At High Speed

The name of God have once again been glorified for all to see, this time around in the life of a Twitter user named Oma who revealed how shouting the name of God while driving at high speed saved her life from dying in collision with a Trailer.

The Twitter user who was on her way back from Obigbo and en route to Aba Road one Saturday morning when she suddenly lost control of her steering wheel while trying to avoid a pot hole and her brakes refused to work.

She then noticed her car was heading for a trailer that was parked by the road side and there was nothing she did could do to stop it. With the car getting dangerously close to the trailer, she said she gave up trying to drive away out of the situation and let go of the steering wheel, closed her eyes and screamed the name of Jesus.

By the time she could summon courage to open her eyes, Only for her to discover that her car had somehow done a complete 360 so that the rear was squashed under the trailer while the front of the car was facing the road and was completely fine.

She said the car somehow turned at the last minute and if it didn’t, it would have been the front that would be have been smashed and she won’t have survived it.

While sharing the ful details on her social media page, she said; “On a Saturday morning I was driving 110 on Aba Road, coming from Obigbo, I saw a pothole late so I tried to dodge it, I lost control of the steering & brake no gree work again, I had no seatbelt on, in front the road was clear, no human, but a trailer was parked beside the road

“I knew the car was heading to that trailer, I tried controlling the wheels no way, when I steer right car go go left vice versa, brakes still nothing, very close to the trailer I kuku removed my hands from the steering, closed my eyes & yelled ‘Jesus’, na so car take run under the trailer

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“When I opened my eyes I saw my body part was complete, only me asked myself how, I looked front & saw the front of the car was fine but the car was facing the wrong direction, people gathered, one opened the door for me & I got out, Ladies and Gents, na the back of the car run under the trailer

“Like how, how, some guys were clapping, hailing me that I am a good driver for me to pull a 360 stunt on such a close range, but only me know say I did nada asides cuddling myself & yelled Jesus, the boot of the car fold like say na hot agege bread

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