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“Coronavirus Removed From Our Country By Power Of God” – Tanzania’s President John Magufuli

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Tanzania president, John Magufuli has said the country is free of the corona virus because of the power of God and prayer. He also advise other African countries against schemes and conspiracies of those who wants to downturn the economy.

In June the country stopped updating the public on the statistics of infected people after it remained static for six weeks.

President John Magufuli announced at a church service on a Sunday in June that “Corona has been removed from our country by the power of God.”

He praised the congregation for not wearing face masks while cheering the faithful. He warned that unapproved mask by the government could be infected.

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Although figures from outside Tanzania shows that the virus could be in its tens of thousands in the country, the Tanzanian government insist that the number has been stuck at 509 for six weeks.

President John Magufuli believes the epidemic has been exaggerated and is being used by unknown forces to sabotage the economy.

The president has questioned health officials, even fired them, and refused to restrict the movement of people, claiming that his son had mixed ginger and lemonade as drink and was cured of COVID 19.

“When I came to power they said we have cases of the Zika virus and I fired the person who announced that… Since I fired him five years ago, Tanzania has not had cases of Zika,” the president said at a teachers’ conference in the capital, Dodoma.

“Then they said we have Ebola knowing that tourists will not come to a country which has Ebola and people will not work here if there is Ebola,” he said, adding that no one had died of that virus.

“Now we have corona. They said bodies will be lying on streets in Africa. But they did not know God loves Tanzania, we prayed for three days and the coronavirus is finished,” John Magufuli said.

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