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Selah’s Journal: The Question Of What God Looks Like & Where He Is Located

What God Looks Like, Dr. Abel Damina

The Question Of What God Looks Like & Where He Is Located | Further References from AW Tozer & Dr. Abel Damina

I heard a message by Dr. Abel Damina last year. It was a message from HOTR’s Faith to Faith Conference of 2016 where he talked about where God is located. The message will make you have a rethink of so many theories. You would want to study your bible more.

While Dr. Abel Damina ‘s message jolted one’s critical thinking faculty, (as well as AW Tozer books), it also draws a lot of questions about the things Dr. Abel Damina said. Some of which I am still finding answers for today.

Anyways amongst the things Dr. Abel Damina said was the question about God’s location.

Recently, the Holy Spirit opened my eyes to this truth and I will like to document it. You may want to ask, why is there need for this? We are going to meet with God and all these questions would have been answered on that day. But the fascination about the Triune God is to stir up your excitement about meeting Him while we are still here, so that we are always ready.

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I believe the the writers of the Holy Scripture which God inspired by His Spirit would not have spent so much time on descriptions if we are not supposed to bother about creating imagery.

So Abel Damina’s question is about where God is located? Someone will say, that is easy… Heaven of course! And you would have been correct but there is more to where God is seated in Heaven.

For us to consider where God is located, we will have to consider what God looks like. Only then can we begin to phantom where He can fit.

The bible says the heavens and the earth cannot contain God (1Kings 8:27, Acts 12:24, 2Chronicles 2:6), therefore it is God that contains a space (Colosians 1:17). AW Tozer was emphatic about this as well.

In a dimension, God created man in his own image, therefore it is logical for man to only have the perception of God as a man who is also a Spirit, adorn in royalty, glory, splendor, power and might. But for man to phantom the shape, the size, the height and all round features of the Supreme Spirit being is very daunting.

Few scriptures talk about his arms, eyes, face and more but these are all dimensions of man’s encounter with God in the consideration what God looks like.

How about we put some of the descriptions in the bible into perspective but also be conscious that the features of God are much more.

He cannot be limited to a dimension. He fills all in all (Ephesians 1:23), just like fluid or atmosphere. Yet He is seated on the throne just like a man would seat (Revelation 4:2). We are under the shadow of His wings (Psalm 91:4), like an eagle. His voice thunders and He rides upon the clouds (Psalm 68:4&33) – atmospheric. He roars like a lion (Hosea 10:11). His eyes prowls to and fro the whole earth (2 Chronicles 16:9) – must be quite gigantic, and many more symbolism describe God’s ever multi-dimensional features. He has fingers (Exodus 18:19, Daniel 5:5)

Prophet Ezekiel described what God looks like as having a human appearance but as the description got more detailed, he said God looked like “gleaming metal, like the appearance of fire,” (Ezekiel1:26-27).

Due to God’s varying dimensions, He appeared to Moses as the I Am that I Am. That is, I am who I am to you. How big a room you create for God, is how much He fills and vice versa. He is so big but how you magnify Him is how big He is for you.

God looks like Jesus (John 14:9), He looks like you and I (Gen 1:27), He looks like love (1John 4:7-8).

And yet, God is much more. The Book of Revelation 21:2 describes the New Heaven and Earth descending from God. Have you ever put that verse into consideration?

“I saw the Holy City, the new Jerusalem, coming down out of heaven from God, prepared as a bride beautifully dressed for her husband.”

The Holy City was descending from God. Here we see God as a location. Like I mentioned earlier, allow your imagination to play and don’t try to box God into just the form you predetermined which is in the features of a man.

I know that the scripture always make use of metaphoric figures of speech a lot but with the varying attributes given to God throughout the bible, it isn’t far fetched to picture this as well.

If God is gigantic so much that His throne (Revelation 20:11-15) is described as “the Great White Throne” where all the angels surround and multitude that could not be numbered stood. Then, we should be able to create the imagery of a city emerging from Him. Afterall, one of his descriptions points us to see Him as atmospheric.

Pause and consider this. The angels are innumerable, the multitude could not be numbered (Revelations 7:9-11). If the Great White Throne was not so “great” in size, how did John see it? How come the innumerable numbers of angels did not overshadow it? After all, we were told all the angels surrounded it. I mean it was a vision alright but John’s descriptions where as vivid as it can get. They were actual events! And for a whole city to descend from God… the earth and even the heaven fled before Him, means the question is not about where God is located. The real question however should be is God the location of where He is located?

I don’t know the form you would want your imagery to take but I see the One seating on the Great White Throne, the same One from whom the new Jerusalem descend as more than what I can phantom.

So I have opened my heart to take him as everything. The fire that burned the bush but did not consume it. The one whose presence causes heaven and earth to flee with no place found for them. The one whose Glory (Jesus) lit heaven so much that as gigantic as the sun is, it wasn’t needed. I see him as much more than the things I can think of.

Both Dr. Abel Damina and American Author and Pastor AW Tozer (1918-1963) agree that Jesus is the Man-God who can fit into man’s imagery, “bearing our lineaments and dimensions… whom any other man would recognize instantly” but God the Father is much more. You cannot limit in by space, time, figure and any other rationale for logical explanations.

I leave you with the words of AW Tozer but you can draw your own conclusion of what God looks like and you will still be correct: “In spiritual matters, we think correctly only when we boldly rule out the concept of space.”

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