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Music Repartee With Alex: The Day Sinach Made Mercy Chinwo Cry A River

Sinach Mercy Chinwo, gospel music minister

This story is about the day Nigerian Gospel music minister Sinach made Mercy Chinwo cry, but interwoven is the inter-relationship gap between the upcoming and the established Gospel music minister. It’s a long read but please endure enjoy it!

The year was 2015 and it was Gospel music minister Joepraize‘s birthday. He was commemorating the day with a mini concert tagged “iTestify100 with Joepraize.” I had gotten an invite and I was going to be in Ikeja, Lagos that day for a press conference or something, I can’t quite remember… so I said “yeah! I’ll be there!”

I got to the venue late because of where I had to be. Many “upcoming” Gospel music ministers had opened the floor including Mercy Chinwo. (I like to put the term “upcoming” in quote to discourage the helplessness mindset artistes develop because of the use of this term in Nigeria. I however believe an artiste should stay hungry and never view himself as accomplished no matter the level). Mercy Chinwo was only known by the inner circle as a Gospel music minister at the period. Mercy had a stint in the mainstream music for a little bit including winning the Etisalat sponsored Nigerian Idol Season 2 in 2012, before coming into the Gospel music ministry.

Anyways, I missed all those ministrations including Mercy’s. I got into the hall and picked a seat at the centre of the hall, a little close to the front so I can have a clear view. A lady sat beside me with another lady friend who attended to her. At the period, I had heard about Mercy Chinwo, I had listened to a few of her releases and also did little background check on her secular materials including Nigerian Idols performances, but I hadn’t met her in person so I did not know she was the one sitting by my side.

Okay let me deviate at this point to the main purpose of this article. I know you want me to tell you about the story of how Sinach made Mercy Chinwo cry and oh! What a river she cried! I will do just that if you keep reading, but that is not the main objective of this article.

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Few months ago, a Gospel music minister came on an IGTV post to berate upcoming Gospel music ministers who “tap anointing” from the established music ministers. She spoke with so much disdain condemning the act and just in the overall sense, ridiculing the upcoming Gospel music ministers who do such.

I understand that some upcoming Gospel music ministers can be overbearing and act like they have seen a saviour around the established music ministers – no doubt, but I believe this particular Gospel music minister took it to the extreme when she condemned the act and reduced it to the pseudo “tap anointing.” I was so irritated by the post I almost commented (I try my best to avoid being controversial or be seen as a troll). It took the inner me talking to the other me to calm me down.

Note, this article may not be relevant in the overall professionalism of the music as an art but if you are spiritually discerning, then this is part of the basic spiritual principles of honour.

As I watched this Gospel artiste berate the upcoming artiste through her post, for coming to “tap anointing” from her, she spoke about how the artiste needs to kick such dogma to the curb and work hard. She cited her journey as an example talking about how hardworking she had been from the scratch. She further stated that the Gospel artiste need to pay the price instead of going around looking for how to “tap anointing.”

I do agree with the things she said, especially since the music ministry is also a business and should be approached from that perspective if the success will be 360. Otherwise, you may end up putting out great music that will go around the world (maybe through another artiste’s lips) and you remain unknown with no royalty. I do believe an artiste should be hardworking. I believe also that an artiste should respect the process, and understand that you will not get into the spotlight overnight. You will pay dues!

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I believe in excellence, creativity, resilience and a well groomed music business acumen. What I have a problem with however is the fact that she condemned a vital part of ministry just because her emotional state of mind was throwing red flags and excused her submission by elevating the practical work over the spiritual, whereas both are supposed to work hand-in-hand.

I also understand the irritation caused by the overbearing nature of the artiste that was all over the said Gospel music minister but that should not be used as a template to belittle the blessed act of honour.

This is Gospel music ministry and except if you as a Gospel artiste is trading the art as just that – art – then I believe that there is a need to understand that their are spiritual laws guiding the modus operandi and one of such spiritual laws is the law of honour.

It is  the same with the mainstream but this universal law should be highlighted more in ministry. That if you honour people, especially those who have gone ahead of you, the possibility is that you will attract the same honour. Like the saying goes “honour begets honour.”

I’m not trying to encourage man-worship, or religious fanaticism but the afore-mention phrase “honour begets honour” is actually scriptural. The book of Hebrews 7 verse 7 says: “But without any dispute the lesser is blessed by the greater.”

For you to disregard the honour bestowed upon you by a younger artiste by statutory order is not humility. To disregard it with such disdained as described in this article is being inhumane.

So let me continue my story of how Sinach made Mercy cry. I didn’t realize that the lady beside me was Mercy. I was caught in what was happening and wasn’t paying much attention to what was going on beside me. I love to enjoy worship from our Gospel music ministers whenever I have the opportunity to be under their ministration. So that was what I concentrated on, but as Sinach came forward and began to minister, something was being ignited beside me that was going to call for my attention. This prime and proper lady who happened to be Mercy Chinwo started worshipping so loudly and without a care in the world.

In my head I was saying “okay the worship is quite intense… understandable.” I tried to concentrate on my worship because Sinach had the whole auditorium spellbound by the Holy Spirit. The energy got so intense and thick you can touch it… and she did it with such ease. No noise whatsoever.

We continued worshipping but this lady was going to get my attention again. She wept loudly messing up whatever cosmetics she had on her face. It got to a point that she became snotty-nosed. Her tears flowed freely and her nose ran too. I remember the lady beside her grabbing tissue to help clean her face.

As if that was not enough, she abandoned her seat, ran forward and knelt at Sinach’s feet. It was so intense that Sinach had to pause from singing, laid hands on her, prayed for her before asking those standing with her to help Mercy up so the worship can continue.

Mercy Chinwo is a household name today and I am not insinuating that day is solely responsible for what God is doing with Mercy but I believe it was a little detail in the whole process. What if Sinach ignored Mercy because she was trying to “tap anointing?” I bet we will still hear of Mercy today but we wouldn’t have been able to document the day a mentor was a blessing to a predecessor, like I am doing right now.  I am sure neither Mercy nor Sinach remember that day like I do, but God needed me to be a witness for such a time as this!

I know that in this microwave-5G world, the upcoming Gospel artiste does not want  to serve and respect process anymore. Neither are they patient enough to horn their skills but that is why God sent the A-Listers as forerunners and mentors. The least that can be done is to be tolerable… Being part of someone else’s success story is such a beautiful thing you know.

Hey while you are here, checkout the new album by Mercy Chinwo titled “Satisfied”

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