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Pastor Chris Oyakhilome Chides Pastors For Consenting To Closure Of Churches


– Pastor Chris Oyakhilome Calls Out Pastors For Closure Of Church Without Seeking GodPastor Chris Oyakhilome Calls Out Pastors For Closure Of Church Without Seeking God

Founder of Believers Loveworld, aka Christ Embassy, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome has called out pastors who complied with the closure of churches even as the world including Nigeria continues to fight the COVID-19 scourge.

The clergyman, while addressing his congregation in a viral telecast, said such religious leaders should have demanded that the government give them ample time to consult God and pray with their members before taking any decision. The man of God said such leaders were not true Christians as they did not ask the government for time to pray and consult with their congregation.

According to Oyakhilome, Christ was never truly the Lord of these set of clergymen. He alleged that most of them agreed to the lockdown because of the compensation they received from the government.

“In different cities, countries, states, before the government went ahead with the lockdown, they held meetings with pastors, leaders of churches. Why did the pastors and leaders not say give us a few days to go and pray? Because they were not prayerful before.

“Hearing such a thing as Ministers of God and you are called for such a meeting, you couldn’t say give us a few days and you would call the Ministers and say this is what we just heard from the government authorities and we need to pray. We have asked them to give us three days. Then you would have seen the hand of God.

“But you weren’t thinking about the father’s house. Do you know what it is for you to shut down the congregations of the lord? Do you know what that means? It never meant anything to you, that is why. And there were pastors and Ministers that were sending strong warnings to others not to venture entering the church because of the virus. This is because Christ has never truly being your lord. You have been the master of your life. You have never truely known him” he said

According to the man of God, agreeing to such decision is equivalent to shutting the door against people infected with the deadly virus.

“COVID-19 compliant churches will mean churches that people who are infected with COVID-19 cannot come there. If you allow your church to be that labelled, it is not the church of Jesus Christ,” he said.

“Is the church of Jesus Christ not a place of healing? So, those of you who love to run around government officials to get your validation, come and get COVID-19 compliant registration for your church. That is the last day Jesus will be in that church. But that is coming”. he concluded

Pastor Chris then went on to share his reservations on the procedures through which people are tested for the virus as well as the search for a vaccine for the disease across the globe.

“What they are using to test, do you know what it is? Do you know why it can show positive and negative? Do you know? A virus they told us they are still studying, why don’t they study it first? They are still studying it and they already have a vaccine that could be ready in July for a virus they are still studying,” he added.

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