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Pastor Adeboye Reveals What God Told Him About Coronavirus


Pastor Adeboye Reveals What God Told Him About Corona Virus

General Superintendent, Redeemed Christian Church of God, RCCG, Pastor Enoch Adeboye has said God told him that the world would go on compulsory holiday in view of the raging Coronavirus pandemic.

While addressing his congregation via a live broadcast on Sunday , the man of God said God told him that the world would go on compulsory holiday in view of the raging Coronavirus pandemic and that COVID-19 across the world will soon subside but will not be ‘completely eradicated’.

The Redeemed Church, like many others across the nation, has stopped physical services, and resorted to online services in line with the directives of many governments to halt mass gathering. The directives were given as a means of curbing the coronavirus which has so far infected about 33 persons in Nigeria and killed thousands across the globe.

“I have heard one prophet say the coronavirus will soon die. And I said ‘amen’. You know prophets are greater than pastors. I heard another prophet say the world will experience rain for seven days and (it) will wash the plague away. I said ‘amen’. But I am speaking with you my children. The coronavirus will certainly subside after God has removed the plague but to say it will die, let me speak in local parlance, ‘na lie’ (it is a lie),” the pastor said.

The man of God also reviewed that the virus was God’s way of getting our attention to godly living, irrespective of class or social standing and to show that He is still in control of human affairs. While also sharing what God told him, he said “I told you that God told me that the earth would behave like a child having convulsions. There was something extra He said that I didn’t share.

He told me that this year, the whole world will go on a compulsory holiday. The last time the world came close to this was 9/11. I thought it was going to repeat itself. I kept my mouth shut because I didn’t want to be seen as having info I didn’t share..

“Daddy wants to show the world that He’s still the One on the throne. As soon as He shows to the world that He can shut down the whole world, He will remove the plague. How long that will take, I cannot tell you. So my children, enjoy this public holiday that God has given you.

“You may ask, why would God allow sickness? Is the devil not the author of evil? Yes he is, but God controls the devil. Someone did a research and found out that the number of people that have died from malaria is more than 5 times the number of those who have died from Corona virus.

“The reason why it is out there is because it is a noisy pestilence. When God is done with what He wants to do, the plague will subside, but it will not totally go. Maintain strict hygiene even beyond COVID-19.” he shared

Adeboye said the governments had tried within human ability, saying that the Lord God Almighty would bless them all, adding that the compulsory holiday had already started in the major nations of the world, especially those who boasted in what they could do.

“Don’t be surprised at those who are mocking prayers; just pray for them because they’re mocking the One who answers prayers. Don’t get angry at them, just pray for them. 1. Psalm 91:1 There is someone called the Most High. Isaiah 66:1 If there is anyone who thinks he is high, God is higher than such. Ecclesiastes 5:8, Ephesians 1:18-22,” he add

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