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“He Who Loves His Wife Loves Himself” – Mike Bamiloye Advises

Mike Bamiloye Advices

Mike Bamiloye advises men on marriage

Founder and president of Mount Zion Drama Ministry and Mount Zion TelevisionMike Bamiloye shares is view of how every man should treat his wife.

As it is no longer a strange news that some husbands still maltreat there spouse and even go as far as physically abusing them, so in the wake of all this, the man of God took to his social media account to address the issue and also share some words of advise to married people.

While taking to his Instagram account, the man of God preached against men who maltreat their wives and also cited that any man who shows love to his wife is also showing love to himself. He also said that any man who harms his wife is also harming himself.

He wrote “Every blow or slap you land on your wife…. hits you back immediately. Every curse you rain on your wife…drop on you immediately. because…. he who loves his wife, loves himself, and he who hates his wife, hates himself.” 

According to the pastor, many men are enduring their marriages instead of enjoying it because their wives are nags as well as quarrelsome. Speaking further, the man of God said that he is sure there are men who pray for death upon their wives so that they would be free and also have a genuine reason to take another wife.

Giving reason why some men have such hope, Mike Bamiloye stated that they realized they made the wrong choice getting married to their wife. He continued by saying “Unfortunately, some married men are enduring their marriage instead of enjoying it, because the contentious wife had made the home very unpleasant.

“I strongly believe that there are some of such men who would wish their wives would die off so that they can be free doctrinally speaking to marry another woman now with much caution. This is what the Bible means when it says ‘Better to live in a desert than with a nagging and a contentious wife’ and in another portion, it says ‘It is better to go and live on the top of the roof corner than stay inside the house with a quarrelsome wife”.

Mike Bamiloye advises

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