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Bible News: The Thin Line Between Knowledge, Wisdom & Action


“For wisdom is a defence, and money is a defence: but the excellency of knowledge is, that wisdom giveth life to them that have it.”Ecclesiastes 7:12

To appropriate means to “devote money/asset in order to execute certain purpose.”

We live in a generation that prides itself on knowledge. We sometimes substitute intelligence for the knowledge of God.

This is why you see people arguing out their actions on social media and quoting scriptures to back it up. Why? Because we leave in a generation where knowledge is key. Many do not wait for their pastor to say “Open your bible to…” before they do. People are studying, meditating and getting to know God by themselves. However the problem is that many Christians are substituting the knowledge of God for scholastic intelligence.

As a result, this era of awakening is also the undoing of many Christians. Alot of people are challenging the status quo and are doing so without caution. A wise man once said, to challenge the order, you don’t attack the existing order, instead you introduce the new order with acknowledgment of where the old has gotten us to. But knowledge puffs up (1 Corinthians 8:1).

This kind of wisdom does not produce godly fruits.

Therefore, this generation operates in knowledge but lacks wisdom! God didn’t intend that the Christian acquires knowledge for the show of it. He intends that we walk in the wisdom the knowledge brings so that the godly man will be equipped, thoroughly furnished for every situation and thereby preserve his life and that of others, producing fruits that brings glory to God.

Knowing is not enough. You can know that the bible says “I shall live and not die,” but having believed, your belief must spur specific actions to walk in the power of that truth you know.

Here is where the work of faith is. Here is where the undoing of many Christian’s lie. The failure to realize that the walk of faith is not as physical as it is spiritual, and that this spirituality lies mostly in fellowship (prayer).

The partnership with the Holy Spirit who supplies the power for divine manifestation is the provision God has given for appropriation. Application of the instruction given by the Holy Spirit for the situation at hand, is wisdom. Just in the same way a government releases fund for appropriating mandates, God has released “fund” (the Holy Spirit) for appropriating divine mandates.

This is the real empowerment. This goes beyond knowing to putting that which you have known into action.

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