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Album Review: Did Toluwanimee Meet The Heightened Expectations In Delivering “Go Deeper”?

GO DEEPER Toluwanimee

GO DEEPER Toluwanimee

Being a fan of Toluwanimee‘s music, you already have an expectation when the announcement was made that her debut album was about to drop.

From singles earlier released such as “Forever,” “Sekki,” “Miracle God,” “Made Well” to the more recent “Open Up,” “Ultimate Price,” “WOW,” “Lord Today,” and “The Reason,” one consistent factor is the spiritual depth of her music, although conveyed in diversities of genres.

Therefore when the title of the album was revealed to be “Go Deeper”, a real fan’s expectation will only be heightened rather than surprised at the titled. Save to say that with the release of the 15 track album, Toluwanimee did not disappoint the heightened expectations of fans.

The album began on a high note with a declarative festivity in the song titled “My Season Tii De.” The song is a Contemporary African Worship which is laced with High-Life groove, to put some melodic rhythm on the upbeat vibe. She employs the Yoruba language of Western Nigeria, mixed with English language to complete its African identity.

The 2nd track sees Toluwanimee settling into the album and getting comfortable in her craft with the song “I See You”. Toluwanimee will tell you she is a worshipper who doesn’t need a reason to worship. Therefore worship is her familiar territory – her default as a singer. The single also strengthens the theme of audacious faith that was introduced with the first track of the album.

This theme is further strengthened with the epiphany captured in the track “Lord Today.” The song although a supplication, is an uncommon (but not unusual) prayer which comes from a place of revelation. It is audacious but not without the tone of subjugation which she expresses through worship. The release of “Lord Today” in 2018 was the first hint Toluwanimee gave concerning the forthcoming album.

If Toluwanimee has had some career defining singles, Track 4 titled “Jehovah” is certainly an album defining track! It is pure worship and that theme of audacious faith continues on the track. Toluwanimee is not  a worshipper who does not have an intimate revelation of the relationship she shares with God – the subject of her worship – but through her lyrics her revelation and relationship is revealed.

The track that follows – “Open Up” – stresses more on the theme of revelation. She takes the album deeper to a place of refreshing and revival with the track “Open Up.” Yes, you can still hear the elements of worship in the single but the focal is refreshing, revival and revelation.

“Doh Doh,” “Worship You,” “The Reason” and “Unconditionally Good” are all worship tracks that puts Toluwanimee in her default but in varying degrees. The anointed Onos Ariyo joins Toluwanimee on “Worship You” and the synergy is divine! What else do you expect when 2 specially anointed worship ministers decide to jump on a track together.

It will be an injustice not to use some few words in reviewing the track 10 titled “Deeper.” Produced by Wilson Joel, Toluwanimee employs the Negro-Spiritual style in delivering this classic. The infusion of Yoruba dialect to such a Western style of music gives the African listeners a rush! The instrumentation and delivery is excellent. Toluwanimee’s sincerity on the track gives the feeling that this is a track that will be sung for a long time… an evergreen!

The track that follows – “Nobody Fit” – is close to “Deeper” in regards to genre, only that the former tilts towards a Ballad as the song progresses. It is worship extolling the supremacy of God.

“W.OW” is a big song! Even on the album it still stands out. Produced by Wilz, Toluwanimee revisits the theme of audacious faith. “Your Name” is patterned in the style of “My Season Tii De” but with a slower tempo. It is a Worship song without falling into the status quo that categorizes all slow song as Worship.

Toluwanimee ends the album with “Ultimate Price” featuring Freke Umoh, and the beautiful track “Miracle God.”

Deduced from the tracks in the album are the themes of Worship unto God, Revelation and Knowledge of God, Audacious Faith, Refreshing of the spirit and Revival. It is safe to say that Toluwanimee hit the bulls eye with the title of the album. It is definitely a message for the season and a tool for those seeking spiritual depth.

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