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“I Have Repented & God Has Forgiven Me” – Apostle Chris Omatsola Says After Sex Scandal

Chris Omatsola

Image result for Apostle Chris OmatsolaLagos pastor, Apostle Chris Omatsola, who made headlines for the wrong reasons months ago, after his sex tape with his former lover surfaced online said he has found his way back to God and advised other pastors to be more wary than he was.

The senior pastor of Zionwealth of Life Assembly in Lekki, Lagos, confessed to participating in the act f fornication. He said his intentions were noble but he fell along the way.

Opening up about the incident, Apostle Chris Omatsola narrated how he met his ex-girlfriend, Princess Tamaratokoni Okpewho, and what allegedly transpired between them in a lengthy post on his blog, Zionweath News.

“This day, I make bold to say with all honesty of heart and sincerity of purpose that it is true that I committed sexual fornication with Ms. Princess Tamaratokoni Okpewho,” he wrote.

“I have since repented and God has forgiven me. But I did not post our sex-tapes on the internet or assaulted her physically as she maliciously and fallaciously claimed and want us all to believe.”

He also shared a link to the post on his official Facebook page on Friday and hinted that he would no longer speak to the media about the issue.

Defending the decision to go public with his side of the story, Mr Omatsola, who also owns Krystal Properties, Lekki, said it was because he knows his ex-lover “will also come out with more lies and blackmail.”

He also shared details of how he found himself in the scandal.

“I met Princess Tamaratokoni Okpewho aka Toks David in September 2017, just before the Lekki Toll Gate after Quilox nightclub around 4:40 a.m.

“I was returning from a vigil in Adetokunbo Ademola, Victoria Island, that fateful day. She flagged down my car on the lonely road. She appeared drunk. Because it was dark and I thought it could be dangerous, I stopped and picked her.

“When we got to my house that night, she slept on the couch in the sitting room, while I slept in the bedroom.”

Mr Omatsola urged other pastors “to learn from his mistakes”.

“I also think ministers of God should learn from my fall. Watch your steps because the devil is on your tail.

“Be careful with women. Prayerfully help people. If you have fallen, don’t cover up. Seek God’s face with penitence and repentance.”

The scandal came to the fore in November after both parties clashed over the leaked sex video.

The controversial video was reportedly leaked by a phone repairer.

At the time, Ms Okpewho accused Mr Omatsola of releasing the video to force her into marrying him.

The cleric denied the claim, saying the video was leaked to blackmail him.

Following the scandal, Mr Omatsola has since relocated his church to an unknown location. He has also continued to post self-authored devotionals on his wall.

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