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Bible News: Thy Kingdom Come | Part. 2


Thy Kingdom Come – Part 2

God’s intention is that everyone experience the Living Word, so when the word became flesh and dwelled amongst men, it is a demonstration of the Kingdom lifestyle God intended for us.
The word was with God from the beginning and everything that was created came to existence by the word (Col 1:16). The word became flesh and dwelled with men as our Lord Jesus. (John 1:14), therefore Jesus said while He walked the earth, “The Kingdom of God is with you”. (Luke 17:21), making it plain that you don’t need to go in search of the word, it is right in front of you. I am the word.
The experience is still the same today. Every word of God that we receive from the scripture and proclaim is Jesus.
It is powerful and alive. It is the Spirit of Jesus. And just like Jesus walked the earth, the word we proclaim has to walk the earth as well.
Therefore when we say let Your Kingdom come, we are agreeing with God that the word that He revealed to us by His spirit is quickened by the same spirit. Raised by the same spirit and receive life to walk the earth in form of the manifestation that is hoped for; by the same spirit.
So let your Kingdom come is not about asking God to bring heaven to us on earth, neither is it just about receiving a word from God, No! It is the totality of the demonstration of the power that raised Jesus from the dead, applied to the situation at hand for the experience of that same demonstration.
To break it down, it is receiving God’s word and the manifestation of what is hoped for. That is, seeing “Jesus” (The Word) in the outcome of our expectation.
Prayer Point
1. Let Your Kingdom come, let Your will be done
2. Let the Spirit of God rest upon me, let the power from on high overshadow me, let this Holy thing that I shall bring forth be Jesus!
– Written by Alex Amos


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