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Selah’s Journal: How To Live Like A Millionaire


A lot of people are asking what it takes to be a millionaire. And, most importantly, how do rich people live? Modern times provide many opportunities for investigation. Internet and social media can tell you what rich people do and how. Most definitely, they have a certain lifestyle. They care about their health, have the right motivation, and are overall enthusiastic about life. Being rich doesn’t mean being greedy. On the contrary, really successful people are smart and kind because they take more from life. Read the following info to know how to live like a millionaire.


All rich and successful people do sports. Sport is the ultimate activity. It benefits you in numerous
different ways. In truth, it can only do you good. Nothing bad can come from sports. Sport helps you
battle the sitting way of life. Most people nowadays spend their time sitting either in a car or in an
office. In the past people spent more time standing or walking because there were no transport and
because most of the people worked hard. A human body requires activities because otherwise it
becomes weak. Training is important if you want to stay active and have energy. That’s why rich people enjoy things like diving, golfing, swimming, attending gym, doing yoga, etc.

Healthy Food

Your health depends on two things – sport and healthy food. Many rich people even have special life
coaches that advise them what to eat. Health can’t be bought for money. What can be done with wealth if you don’t have your health to enjoy it? Being healthy requires you to have a healthy lifestyle. Healthy diet consists of fruits and vegetables. You should eat them every day. Then, don’t forget about water. Usually a person needs at least 1.5 liter of still water daily. Tea, coffee, and soda don’t count. Forget about fast foods and bread products. Sugar and salt are actually very bad for you. Rice and potatoes are much better than noodles and macaroni. It is better to consume boiled food than grilled. Finally, fish is better than meat but if you like to meat, then you should eat different kinds of meat. And try asking your doctor what is good for you and what is not.

Savings and Investments

Even if you’re not rich you should have savings. Having savings always helps. The best way to use them is to invest your savings. In some time your savings are going to start to benefit you. Most of really rich people started from small things. Before becoming successful they were smart with the money they had. On the contrary, people often like to spend everything they have. Anybody who works can make some savings. When you make savings you work for your future. And the ability to look into the future is one of the most important qualities of successful people. This way they can predict future and solve problems beforehand.

Time Management

All rich people have strict routines and try to adhere to their schedules. Time is money. Therefore, you can’t afford being lazy or just killing your time. Think hard and try to gain something from every day and every hour. Look for opportunities and train yourself to value time.

Now you know that being successful means being healthy and active. You also need to know how to
make savings in order to use them as investments. If there’s nobody you can talk to about it, you may visit mariadating.com to achieve success together with somebody. And don’t forget that time is even more precious resource than money. Good luck!

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