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Fela Durotoye Declares Presidential Aspiration For 2019

Fela Durotoye

Motivational speaker and leadership coach Fela Durotoye has stated his intentions to run for president in the 2019 general elections. He made this known in a newsletter earlier this morning. He will be running under the ALLIANCE FOR A NEW NIGERIA (ANN) party.

According to him, Nigeria has all the resources it needs to be a desirable place for anyone to inhabit, provided it gets the right leadership.

Fela Durotoye confirmed this through a statement he released to the press on Thursday. He said he has committed his life to building Nigeria, listing a number of projects he has executed without the help of the government.

According to him, the ruling All Progressives Congress, APC and the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, cannot save Nigeria from her problem with the spirit of ‘godfatherism’ that follows both party.

His full declaration speech:

“As you may already know, over the last 13 years, I have committed my life and resources to doing all I can to build a New Nigeria that would be the most desirable Nation to live in by December 31, 2025.

From nation building projects like Mushin Makeover (which was recorded as the largest non-governmental urban renewal project in Africa’s history), to raising the standard of education in our schools and higher institutions through projects & initiatives, to helping our young people across our nation Deliver The Future to corporate transformation projects and most importantly championing the largest non-governmental Values Infusion project through the 10 lifestyle personal creed that we share together on this network that has now been endorsed and actively promoted by a multitude of Nigerians across all gender, tribe, social class or religious affirmation.

As I have stated severally on this platform & in public, I have come to the conclusion that Good Governance is critical for any nation to accomplish its full potential. Infact, without good governance every other good work carried out by its citizens would ultimately be like pouring water into a basket and is therefore not sustainable.

This is why it became important for us to set up the RUNNING FOR A NEW NIGERIA platform, where we galvanize a critical mass of people who would participate in the governance process either by VOTING or BEING VOTED FOR at the 2019 General Elections & beyond.

In line with our Values one of which is to “BE A ROLE MODEL WORTHY OF EMULATION”, I had to decide to get involved in the political arena rather than staying on the sidelines and only challenging others to go in.

It is my hope that as I step unto the political scene, many more of our brightest & best will arise to heed our nation’s clarion call to contest for elective offices, win the elections, and most importantly collectively deliver good governance to our nation.

Therefore, to be clear, I am aspiring to contest as a Presidential Candidate in the 2019 General Elections.

A lot of people have asked me “FD, what party will you be running on? Is it APC or PDP”?

Whilst it is true that these parties may have formidable grassroots structures, I strongly doubt that these old parties with their old ideology (of God-Fatherism also known as Selectocracy, Rulership, Money Politricks etc) would be able to deliver to us a New Nigeria.

And so, over the last few months, I have researched into several political parties to determine if their ideologies, vision and values resonate with those we share together on this Network.

I am glad to announce that one party has resonated more with me than others in Ideology, principles & a truly democratic internal political process that is open to all to aspire & provides a level playing field for the best candidates to emerge at all levels for Legislative & Executive offices.

I believe it is safe to say that I have found my political home, which I truly believe would be a HOME FOR ALL NATION BUILDERS.

Today, 2pm, 22nd of February 2018, I would be formalizing my membership with the ALLIANCE FOR A NEW NIGERIA (ANN) & formally joining the party.

ANN is a party founded by Professionals & technocrats with great political insight & wisdom required to build a formidable nationwide grassroot movement within the next 12 months & beyond. The National Chairman is Dr. Jay Osi Samuels, a Medical Doctor & a Renowned Public Health Practitioner respected globally.

As I move further on this noble cause, I’d like you to pray with me for divine wisdom, grace, favor, courage, strength & discernment.

Secondly, it is my desire that you will like I have done decide to step in the political arena & go beyond just registering to vote but also becoming a member of a Political Party where you would have voting rights, ability to choose your own candidates amongst those aspiring for office and where your potential aspirations cannot be stifled by any god father.

I strongly believe that your involvement in the political arena either as a member or aspirant within a political party would strongly enhance our ability to deliver good governance for the New Nigeria.

As you thoroughly consider the various political parties, I’ll like to recommend for your favorable consideration the Alliance for a New Nigeria. I want you to join ANN not just because I asked you to, but only if the Party Ideology resonates with yours as it does with mine.”

Following his declaration of intent., Nigerians have questioned Fela’s qualification to run for the office of President but in a reply on his Instagram page, Fela appreciated the comments and criticisms thrown at him, stating that tough questions would make him learn faster.

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