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Smokie Norful’s Advice To Those Running From Their Calling Is Funny But True!

Smokie Norful Advice

– See Smokie Norful advice on Studio 5 to those running from their God-given calling

Grammy Award winning Gospel artiste Smokie Norful has an advice for those who are having a hard time accepting their call to ministry.

Smokie Norful who recently authored the book “Take the Lid Off”, and serves as the pastor of Victory Life Cathedral in Chicago talked about his journey to accepting a call to ministry in a recent interview on Studio 5 with Efrem Graham.

He explained that he not only “ran” but that he “kicked, and screamed to try to get away from that responsibility.”

Norful grew up as a “Pastor’s kid” and says he “knew the burden, the sacrifice that came with that.”

“I literally grew up in the parsonage, which was right next to the church,” He recalled.

“I knew that (working in ministry) would come with a level of sacrifice in my own personal desires,” Norful said, “…because now I’m accountable not just to God, but I’m openly and visibly accountable to a lot of people, that comes with an awesome responsibility.”

“Yes, I ran. I was Jonah. I’m Jonah Jr.” Norful jokingly admitted. He offered some advice for anyone who might be in a similar situation.

“You will figure out very quickly when the Bible says the Earth is the Lord’s, and the fullness thereof; the world, and they that dwell therein.There’s no place you can run, wherever you go He’s there,” said Norful.

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