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#SelahView: Way To Kick Off A Lifetime! Isabella’s Grand Welcome To “A New Beginning”

New Beginning

– Album Review: A New Beginning by Isabella

After working on 7 albums, Gospel music lady of songs Isabella enters into a new phase with worship. Imagine waking up in the morning of your life and the first thing you do is pour adulation and eulogies on the Supreme Being… what a way to kick of a lifetime!

“A New Beginning” by Isabella is solely produced by Niyi P. It is predominantly a collection of worship expressed in diverse musical interpretation. Isabella literally views the supreme one from varying phases and sings about her revelations.

‘Jesus, bright and morning star’, Isabella starts off with “You are a Wonder”. It is most fitting that she alludes to the morning with the first sentence spoken on an album title “A New Beginning”. The album is just a few seconds old before she introduces us to beautiful musical instrumentation such as the rhythmic cords on the piano and the soul stirring string that lingers till her voice is absorbed.

She continues on the trend of worship with tracks such as “Lord be Glorified”, “Sweet Jesus” and the previously released “Hallel”, which is the fourth track. She however added supplication and surrender to “Lord be Glorified”… Such tendency should be expected on a song that amplifies the need for the accordance of all glory to God.

“Miracle” and “Call on Jesus” are exceptional songs rightly fitted in the middle of the album. The 2 songs are deviations from the predominant theme of the album yet, they are different sides of the same coin. “Miracle” is declarative while “Call on Jesus” is an exaltation; but they both speak of the limitless possibilities of walking with God. Both songs will linger in the minds of the listeners, especially “Call on Jesus” because of its Folk music feel, repetition, the simplicity and the sing-along-able lines.

“King of my Heart” returns the album to its thematic preoccupation. It picks up pace but slows down for one more ‘beholding-the-glory’ moment as Isabella approaches the exit door of the album.

Isabella rebirths the glory days of the Eastern Highlife on “Mekwanu Ya Ozo”, bringing in musical instruments such as the Oja (flute), the Ekwe (Silt-drum), the Igba (Cylinder-drum) with the addition of trumpet and guitar to complete the Eastern Highlife fusion. “Imaranma” folows in the same pattern, just like the “Indescribable” album where Isabella rounds off with a song that identifies with her origin. It is a mid-tempo song that infuses the Eastern Highlife elements for an outburst of praise!

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– Written by Alex Amos

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