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Born Again Lady Burns Self With Electric Iron To Remove Tattoo From Past

Born Again Lady

A young born again lady who goes by the name of  Ifeoma Viviam Emeka has shared how she burnt herself with hot pressing iron while trying to remove her tattoo because of her new status in Christ.

Sharing the news via her Facebook account she said the real motivation for her action was because she’s found Jesus, and she’s now a born again christian. She said she needed to get ride of those things that’d remind her about her past.

“I used Electric iron on my hands to remove my tattoo,, it was urgent so I had to do it….. #For the love of Jesus Christ. #Forjesuschrist, Scars to remember, scars for stories. Love of Christ… to show him how much I love him”. She shared on her Facebook wall

While some of those who commented on Ifeoma’s wall post supported her, others felt it was unnecessary. Some went as far as saying it was plain stupid.

“But seriously, that’s stupidity. If you’re born again, every little change is about the heart, if the tattoo can’t be erase in a normal way then leave it bcos that tattoo no longer defines who you are. Don’t misunderstand the Bible by extremely hurting ursef. It’s ur choices though but it ain’t fare at all”Yör Bwoŷ Fínêx said.

Itz DjGabson Ayinde Oluwaseun  said:Infact u dnt knw how happy God is wit u!…nw u re 4 God nd God is 4 u…#Fear_not”.

“Please madam born again, u for kukuma cut your hand comot…the scar from the hot iron would still remind you of ur tattoo, which in turn would remind u of your past. Please apply Wisdom! Secondly, you can be a born again in peace…why post it on Facebook 🤔, said Alex Ogudo.


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