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#SelahView: “Oshimiri Atata” By Preye Odede Is A ‘One-Size-Fits-All’ Answer!

Oshimiri Atata

– Review: Oshimiri Atata by Preye Odede

It comes as no big surprise that if a song of supplication will embed the features of a worship song, it will be Preye Odede‘s vocals blaring out such lyrics. Take “Ebezina”,Nanaowei”, “I am Real” & “Hossana” for example. Preye is either crying out to God in supplication or encouraging his audience, but he never leaves out the note of worship.

“Oshimiri Atata” sounds off with a rapturous ambiance accompanied by the ricocheting high octave of Preye stirring the very fiber of one’s soul with its rippling effect. Perhaps, this aided the impact of the message for others as it did for me.

The tropical vibe, as produced by Prince Vibes, suits the thematic preoccupation as it paints the imagery of the rain forest with its hot and humid climate; waterfalls and crystal clear springs sparkling in the mid-day sun as they run from a source not visible from a standing perspective. Preye’s use of this metaphor to describe the limitless reservoir of God’s abundance is very apt! If it won’t stop coming, then you can keep coming… and oh! Bring others too!

The background vocals are exceptional. One cannot help but to give credit to the mixing engineer for such an outstanding output, without forgetting the effort of the group – Generation of Praise.

You will find strength and there will be a stirring in your soul to worship amidst vicissitudes. There will be an assurance that the river that never runs dry is surplus enough to accommodate your needs & questions as well as others; as the song, “Oshimiri Atata” gets stamped in your spirit.

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