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Selah’s Journal: 10 Essential Baby Clothes For The First Month


– Essential Baby Clothes for the First Month

Scratch Mitts

The beauty of holding a baby shower is that many of your friends and family members have already been through this stage of life – which means you’re likely to get a whole host of excellent gifts that will see you through that first month.

However, many people will avoid buying certain gifts simply because they believe you will already have them in surplus. So, how can you be sure you’re prepared for your little one’s first month? Just ensure you visit http://www.hotuksavings.co.uk/stores/mothercare/ to check out the incredible discount codes and vouchers before you make any purchases of these essential baby clothes for the first month.

Wearable Blanket
  • The Coming Home Outfit

This should go without saying, but in your go bag for the hospital, you will need an outfit for your baby to return home in! Remember, there will likely be lots of pictures and poses in this outfit so make it a particularly adorable one.


  • Onesies

Every baby needs a good stock of one-piece outfits. Whether it’s to go under the rest of their outfit or to just lounge in it – there’s a must. The buttons at the crotch area allow for easy access to dirty nappies. These are often available in multi-packs and don’t worry if you think you have too many – you don’t. You will, however, have a lot of laundry to do.


  • One-Piece Outfits

Yes, you can also buy an entire outfit in the onesie style. Again, provides for incredibly easy access when it comes to changing nappies.


  • Scratch Mitts

Your baby doesn’t have control over their hand and arm movements which often results in painful scratches on their face. You can be proactive about it and stop it in its tracks by keeping scratch mitts on baby’s hands. They may fall off from time to time, but it’s easier to slip them back on than it is to keep baby from making facial scratches even worse.


  • Hats

There will come a time that your baby rips their hat off at every opportunity, luckily that time is not now. Make sure you keep their head covered so they can retain their heat – this is especially important when you’re heading into the high street on a chilly autumn or winter day.


  • Socks

You might be happy with the temperature in your home, but your baby feels things differently. Yes, you will get frustrated with putting those tiny socks back on after junior has kicked them off – but you can battle through it. If this is a particular struggle for you, you may want to consider investing in baby tights which will keep babies toesies warm without the frustration of losing a sock on your first trip out.


  • Leggings

The beauty of leggings is they fit over a nappy, and it’s easy to discard from the outfit if something goes wrong on a day out. They’re incredibly handy and you won’t be sorry about packing an extra pair or two in your diaper bag. All you need is a onesie and a pair of leggings for an instant outfit.


  • Wearable Blanket

Having blankets loose in your cot or crib with your baby is a safety hazard, so your best bet is to invest in some wearable blankets which will ensure your baby is safe while they sleep and still warm throughout the night. They’re easy to use, too, they tend to be cotton or fleece and you can zip baby into the sack.


  • Sweater

You’ll be taking your little one on visits, right? And, you’ll be wearing a sweater to battle the great outdoors – your baby needs one, too. Layers are everything when it comes to dressing yourself and your baby. The beauty of layers, of course, is that it’s easy to peel them off if you start to overheat. Don’t worry, your baby will let you (and everyone else in the vicinity) know if he’s too warm.


  • Jacket

A jacket is just as key to your baby’s comfort as a sweater. They should be safely wrapped and bundled into the pram looking just as cosy in it as they do in your home. Once they’re in that pram you should have a blanket or two handy to cover them to keep the wind and weather at bay. You might get warm from walking, but your baby is just napping in a pram.

Remember, you should have a wide range of sizes ready as many newborns will never fit into newborn sizes. Additionally, your baby will grow fast so it’s handy to have all of the clothing you need well in advance of needing it. Holding a baby shower is an excellent way to ensure you get a range of sizes and thanks to Mothercare, you can create an online gift registry so your friends know exactly what to get you.

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