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5 Year-Old Goes Viral After Breaking Piggy Bank To Buy Milk For Classmate

Piggy Bank

A 5 year-old girl has gone viral on social media after she broke her piggy bank in order to buy milk for  her classmates.

Sunshine Oelfke was saving up for a Snow Mobile but instead she found something more important to put her money towards.

Sunshine’s grandmother, Jackie Oelfke, had discovered her granddaughter emptying out her piggy bank and carefully counting out her savings. After counting up her grand sum of $30 she packed her money into a plastic bag and placed it in her school bag.

Jackie was intrigued by her granddaughter’s actions and asked Sunshine why she needed the money. Sunshine’s response shocked Jackie in the best way possible!

“I am going to give it to my friend at school because she doesn’t get milk for a snack. Her mom doesn’t have any snack money and I do,” Sunshine explained.

Sunshine explained that she wanted to use her money to help out a fellow classmate. Her friend at school didn’t have enough money to purchase milk at recess and Sunshine had taken it up on herself to help them out. Knowing that she had money that could buy milk for her friend, she kindly intended to donate her money to buy milk for a few weeks.

Grandma Jackie couldn’t believe her daughter’s kind actions and was so moved that she took to social media to post about it.

“My heart is so full of pride and love knowing in a world where there is so much hatred, there is a ray of Sunshine with a HUGE heart that at the age of 5 LOVES everyone and always wants to help.”

As a result of Sunshine’s selfless act, a GoFundMe page was set up with the intention to raise enough money to pay for the whole of her class to have milk at recess for the rest of the semester. To date, Sunshine’s GoFundMe page has raised over $11,000, so it looks like her class are set for many semesters of free milk!

Initially, Oelfke said the funds would go toward purchasing milk for Sunshine’s class for the rest of the year. The initiative has since moved in a slightly different direction.

“The money will stay with Sunshine as she progresses grades,” Oelfke told Today, “to make sure her friends get milk, no matter where she is.”


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