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#SelahView: “I’m Confident” By Yadah – Too Much Poise In One Song!


They say light travels faster than sound but somehow, we heard Yadah before we saw her! With a voice range that rises so that its squeal can shatter a glass and yet, has a velvety smooth low, Yadah presents “I’m Confident”.

The song starts on a Reggae Rock note with the lead guitar blaring off squeaky electric vibes, It quickly descends into hollow string to receive Yadah’s mid-tone register on the first verse. The following introduction of the kick and snare, simple cords and reintroduction of the lead guitar sits the song comfortably as Reggae. From a professional angle, the arrangement is epic and infuses the vocal excellently.

The song is a declaration of the singer’s perception of the person of God as it reflects on the singer’s perception of herself. She is basically reciting the premises that has formed the core of her personality and telling her audience that these premises; having been tested and tried, gives her confidence for the future as long as she is standing with the one who said it.

The high octave of the latter chorus, the back-up vocals and the ad-libs take the song into its climax, encouraging the audience to declare the resolution of the singer. One wouldn’t have expected otherwise for a song that starts off on such a high note. It is beautiful that the theme of the song is expressed not only through the lyrics but by every means that qualify the piece as music.

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