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Lecrae And Andy Mineo Save Transgender Person From Jumping Off NY Bridge

Lecrae And Andy Mineo

– Lecrae and Andy Mineo rescue transgender woman from suicide

American Christian Hip Hop recording artistes, Lecrae and Andy Mineo helped save a transgender person who was attempting to jump off a New York City bridge.

Reach Records rappers, Andy Mineo revealed via his Instagram account how the whole incident took place in a long post saying.

“Bronx came to them, while approaching the bridge, we noticed what looked to be a woman with her breasts exposed walking in their direction. The person bumped into a pole and with blood gushing from the forehead, the person proceeded to attempt a suicide jump.

“Me and Lecrae we are in a bit of shock and a bit of panic and we’re also now starting to have a bit of a Jesus combo,” Mineo explained.

The person began to uncontrollably say “I want to go home,” and “I want to be with Jesus.” Within a few seconds, both rappers, who are Christians, tried to wrestle the person from the edge of the bridge to the ground in an attempt to save the person’s life.

“You matter, you’re meant to be here, you’re already home, Jesus loves you,” Mineo recalled them saying in response.

They later discovered that the “woman” was actually a depressed transgender person. The pair then called the cops.

Lecrae also tweeted about the experience. “We just wrestled someone from jumping off a bridge. Yo I’m tripping!!” Lecrae tweeted.



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