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SelahView: 10 Shades Of Same OG Unveiled! (Review)


I sincerely crave your indulgence because I am going to be a bit subjective on this write-up, hence, the first person persona. I met Same OG way before I saw her. She had released a single “I Believe” featuring Soul and my good friend GAMiE had sent me her electronic press kit.

Everything that welcomed me as I explored the EPK spoke of the excellence with which Same OG puts her brand together. The consistency over the years however will make you believe she has to be working with a hands-on-deck team, only to be appalled by the fact that she is an independent artiste. Little wonder she is nicknamed the “one lady army”.

For a rising artiste to garner close to 3,000 downloads in 5 days of the release of a compilation – as opposed to a single track – is quite remarkable, and speaks volume of the quality of work that has gone into “Unveiled” the LP. Perhaps, the detailing of the first track “Celebrate” will do more justice to the premise than my subjective views can… take a listen.

“Celebrate” is quite detailed and aptly placed in the position of the first track on the LP. The Hip Hop synth and intermittent baseline, combined with elements of Afrobeat. The choral style for the hook and laid-back rap verses speak of Same OG’s diversity while mapping her roots in Hip Hop music.

One can also pick her style of delivery from the introductory track. Same OG tackles in-depth issues with wittiness, landing what should have been hard delivery softly, with comics and amusing slangs.

Even on the LP, “I Ball” still has that loud impact on the mind gates, having heard the song since last year, one would have thought the impact would be lighter by now… we would probably still be talking about the song next year… and the next too.

How one can bring so much power into Trap music still amazes me but Same OG pulled that off successfully with the 3rd track. More or less a recess from the grand note on which the LP kicked off, however the essence of its spiritual relevance cannot be under-emphasized.

Same OG proves her dynamism, showing more vocal prowess on “Oh God” but it is on “Too Much” that she does the home run! If there was any skepticism on her singing capability, she lays it to rest here – although, the professionals will still bench her while taking a walk in the park, she should be content with the fact that she can pull the singing act off and put some money on it successfully!

“Give it all” featuring Limoblaze is the most poetic. Same OG always input elements of spoken words in her music but it is most prominent on the afore mentioned track. One cannot fail to note the lyrical techniques of rapper Limoblaze on the track as well.

“Carry Me Dey Go” draws deep emotion and talks of our dependency on the help of the supremacy. One of my most favourite tracks on the album. Trust Same OG to serve the best wine last! Or is it? Well, safe for the open verse version of “Power” and “Unveiled”, the outro.

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