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MFM Liverpool Under Fire! Since When Did It Become Dangerous To Fast & Pray?

MFM Liverpool

– MFM Liverpool Under Fire for prescribing solution for cleansing – including homosexuality!

Mountain of Fire and Miracles Ministries in Breck Road, Anfield. (Image: Liverpool Echo)

Liverpool based Mountain of Fire and Miracles Ministry has come under fire and huge criticism following what was described as a  “dangerous” therapy to cure people, including gays of homosexuality. The therapy is a three-day fasting and prayer session.

A reporter who described the fasting and prayer session as “starvation” had gone under cover to investigate the church. The church which has a branch on Breck Road in Anfield was accused of giving gay people the opportunity to cure themselves of their homosexuality through a relentless prayer session.

The reporter had gone in as gay and member of the church. He was called for a private counselling session with the church’s assistant pastor, where he was told that being gay is biologically wrong, and that by undergoing prayer therapy it could be corrected to ‘allow him to marry and have children.’ and that  for the so-called therapy to be most effective, he would have to ‘humble his soul’ by taking part in a weekly prayer session while also starving himself and not drinking water for 24 hours before as one of the required procedure.

Following the report, Dr. Desmond Sanusi who is a pastor in the church said the undercover reporter who is called Brother Michael by the church was not acting under his guidance and that the church  does not discriminate against anyone’s sexuality,

He then revealed that the procedure has been on for as long as 20 years and  ‘nobody has dropped dead’. He said

“If you come to the church to come and pray, to come and know God better you are welcome. We don’t discriminate against people.

“‘It’s been running for over 20 years and nobody has dropped dead.”‘

Although, people have said the methods recommended were ‘dangerous’ and ‘extremely concerning’, but is the world now so perverted that a program of fasting and prayer is made to look as ‘dangerous’ while being gay is justified by calling a cleansing program discriminatory? We will leave the answer for your judgement!

Desalu Opeoluwa


  1. I think the ‘investigatory’ reporting was diabolical. I the ‘journalist’ led the poor unsuspecting pastor to say things he wanted him to say – which really was only an assurance he he could father children which he said he wanted to do. And sure wasn’t he an adult? – he didn’t have to fast and pray if he didn’t want to. It all amounted to a manufactured grievance. I was left wondering what genuine church members got from their membership, I’m sure they got much from it – though it seemed bonkers to me. Each to his own.

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