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Frank Edwards Sends Street Beggar Who Called Him Role Model Back To School

Frank Edwards Sends Street Beggar

– Frank Edwards sends street beggar back to school

Rocktown Records head honcho Frank Edwards has reached out, opening the doors of his home to an unlikely fan.

Daniel is a JSS 1 dropout who has taken to begging on the street. He speaks English almost eloquently for a boy his age and his desperation to go back to school speaks volume about his eloquence.

Inspiring Woman Series initiator and Editor Business Day, Kemi Ajumobi tells the story of how she encountered Daniel on the street and was prompted in her spirit to reach out to him. She eventually connected Daniel with his role model – Gospel singer Frank Edwards – who invited Daniel into his home, offered him better clothes, a prepared a meal fit for king for him and has offered to sponsor him back to school.

“I was driving along admiralty way in Lekki and I saw a young chap trying to reach out to someone to beg and he was turned off,” she narrated. “I felt strongly to turn back so I did and I said if God wanted me to see him again it would be easy and voila as I drove down a bit I saw him and this time it was with his friend. His name is Daniel and his friend’s name is Ibrahim. Ibrahim wasn’t too vocal as he stuttered to express himself so Daniel did most of the talking.

“Daniel stopped school in Jss1 and sincerely desires to go back to school. I know things aren’t completely easy now in Nigeria, I also know that some of you might have your doubts about them but trust me no one deserves to be given up on.

“I asked them to meet up with me the next day at a particular spot and time… I wanted to test their seriousness and they got there way earlier than I did…tired and sleeping in uncomfortable positions …I called their names severally but they were too tired to hear…until I came down from the car to tap them…they sprang up in excitement from sleep waiting to hear any good news I had for them on anyone willing to help…please please please I beg you…kindly send me a message if you know how these future leaders can be helped. Daniel says his favourite artiste is @frankrichboy 😄 and he wants to be a Mechanical Engineer…”

Daniel said during his video chat with Kemi Ajumobi that he “want to go back to school and have a normal life.” Frank Edwards has extended the hands of love in trying to bring about the heasrt desire of the young boy by meeting up with him in his home and sponsoring his education.

Kemi narrated the meeting with Frank Edwards after spending hours in the Island flood caused by the rain:

” I didn’t see Daniel on time because of the rain, and I kept driving around for almost 2 hours then I found him. We were so happy to see each other then we left to see @frankrichboy…we got into another mini ocean and this time he was even more scared for my car than I was…at a point he said “I am sorry for all that’s happening to you” and I told him everything would be OK. The traffic was so bad we left before noon but didn’t reach Frank till 6pm. Yes my legs did hurt but we were too focused on where we were going. When we arrived at Frank’s place he said “it’s like I am dreaming” … he didn’t want to come down from the car…he wanted to wear my slippers …he couldn’t imagine wearing his slippers to see Frank…this conversation took almost 5 minutes as he didn’t want to get down from the car..after persuading him he agreed and as we got to Frank’s door he said “Aunty I want to faint” 😂😂😂😂😂 I said please don’t faint o…immediately he saw Frank he froze😂😂😂 and when he said he wanted to sit on the floor my heart melted…right before me Daniel changed…Frank combed his hair, changed his outfit to a Gucci sweater, Nike air max and New Era Face cap and my boy looked all swagged up…even his steps changed 😂😂😂. This is indeed a 360 change and he is still in shock. GOD BLESS YOU @frankrichboy My God will not forget you. Please wherever you see Frank say a BIG thank you to him…Daniel is soon to start school and Frank has promised him something amazing if he does well in school. Please always lift Daniel up in prayers. We didn’t see Ibrahim but I trust I will run into him …will keep you posted.”

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