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Sonar’s Journal: The Political Misdirection – Like Bottles & Labels

Political Misdirection

bottleIn view of recent economic and political events in my dear country, the reaction and inaction of both political office holders and the citizens, social media madness and other loonies who would rather see the country burn than make progress has forced my pen to write:

I have deeply questioned how some leaders have so far handled events in my country, these ones have allowed their emotions and sentiments run wild leaving no room for reason but all the same, kudos to those who continue to do the right thing by galvanizing all people regardless of their various differences.

To those praying for the death of the president I have a question: please tell me, which God or gods are you praying to? A blood thirsty one or the same God that says “Pray for your enemies”? If at all you think he is your enemy and cause of your problem. It is okay to ask God for help to solve a problem but it is foolishness and a complete waste of time to tell God how to solve the problem.

To those praying for the death of the president I have a question: please tell me, which God or gods are you praying to?
Sunday Imonah

In politics, there is always an agenda and sometimes that agenda usually is to control the minds of the masses to determine their opinions through continuous propaganda i. e. (promoting lies sometimes through the media and every other available means) once this is done continuously, people begin to believe the propaganda without even knowing it is propaganda because a lot of people do not bother to verify news before believing and propagating it.

It is a very sad scenario because the average citizen is considered as educated yet you find the most emotional reactions to issues from them void of logic. This is the same reason why the bad eggs among politicians have continued to deceive and use the masses to achieve their goals of power and wealth.

The very rich and powerful work together regardless of their different religions, political parties and tribes, they are busy striking deals and their children marry each other to secure their future in wealth and power while those in the middle class and even the poor continue to argue and fight over ridiculous things like their tribe, religion, political parties and who has and has not, what a waste.


A lot of people think the problem of the country is an individual or a party, they think when you remove one candidate, things will magically transform to heaven on earth, if only fantasies are true. Every regime can only do what they can do within the available allowance of the existing constitution.

If the constitution is due for an upgrade then it will continue to be a hindrance to some level of progress till the necessary upgrade is effected to resolve the various inequalities within it which various regions of the country have been complaining about.

Note: No matter how many time we change leaders or parties it will not amount to much difference if the constitution remains the same with all it’s issues unattended to, it will just be like changing bottles and labels without changing content.

Political parties are labels, their candidates are the bottles that agree to bear the labels as their temporary badge, the content of the bottle is a mixture of their personal ideology and that of the party. The rules governing the operational environment of this product is the constitution and once the constitution and the ideology don’t flow together, you can easily figure the rest out… Chaos!

The clamour for constitutional review is no news and it comes from all the regions of the country championed by those who can see through the smoke screen of partisan, religious and tribal politics. It led to the National Conference of 2014 attended by 492 professional representatives and bodies from around the country, it produced some recommendations which are still not being given full attention till date (You can read more about the conference on wikipedia).

This should be the focus of the average citizen and not the misplaced clamour for individuals or party without considering the ideology and political environment. No matter which tribe becomes president, it will change nothing really, it will be likened to a dog chasing its own tail in circles.

It is a grand political misdirection stealing the attention of the masses to focus on irrelevant things while the main issue (our Constitution) is craftily ignored.

Tribal and religious politics is a waste of time, it solves nothing and only encourages division. This same division keeps the masses enslaved and distracted from those looting and sharing our common wealth.

We can not afford to keep thinking with our stomachs or approaching polls to vote in anger, emotions has its place and logic also has its own place. Logic is far more useful to us than sentiments which produces wrong decisions and more problems.

We must all resist the temptations of division in whatever guise. We must focus on real issues if progress is the goal. We must for the sake of our children and our children’s children resist the grand political and classical misdirection.

About The Writer:

Sunday Imonah, also known as Lord Sonar because of his good music ears and vocal prowess, is an enigmatic Presenter on Drive Time belt, the Weekend run as well as other belts on Metro FM, He is a voice Actor and writer at heart. He has produced, written, and directed creative works for the Station and beyond. He has voiced Commercials for Companies like Afrab Chem, Cornoil, numerous pharmaceutical and beverage companies as well as religious houses to mention but a few. Sunday is a social critic who uses his writings to proffer solutions for social good.


Twitter: @FirstSonar


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