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90s Superstar Montell Jordan Who Left R&B For Ministry Fiddles With Music Again

Montell Jordan

montell-jAny music lover knows that the 90s were the years of R&B and Montell Jordan was one of the biggest stars of the era. With the release of “This is how we do it” in 1995, Jordan crested his name in history as one of the biggest R&B artiste ever to emerge.

The fame and all that comes with it was an interference in the life of the church-boy, so after he was a victim of a false flame, a rumored death – the tweet that gave the story summarized his life in 140 characters and Jordan, at the point, felt there has to be more to his legacy. He was already going through his transition process at the time.

Jordan fully dedicated himself to ministry in 2011 and became a worship pastor at the Victory World Church in Norcross Ga. outside of Atlanta, where he, his wife and three of their four children had been baptized a few years earlier.

After dedicating 5 years to ministry, Jordan has started taking performance date selectively again. He performed a halftime show at Friday December 5, Milwaukee Bucks game. He was also at R&B Friday Live in Adelaide & Brisbane in Australia.

“I moved completely away from R&B for a season because I did not transition from R&B to Gospel, but from the music business into ministry. My journey transcended genre change as I embraced full-time ministry,” he told AlwaysAList.com. “In 2015, I returned to performing some of my hit songs to have access to longtime Montell fans in efforts to reintroduce them to the new Montell,” he explained.

“Music doesn’t define me; I define music. Music doesn’t make me; I make music. I now know who I am because I know whose I am,” he acknowledged.

There are speculations that the R&B superstar who also became an author recently releasing the book “Becoming Unfamous” may be stepping down from the alter of Victory Christian Church to go back to R&B but he is yet to confirm the claim.


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