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Kenny K’ore Unveils Title & Artwork Of Forthcoming Album

Kenny K'ore unveils title

burned-brassGospel music minister Kenny K’ore is preparing for the release of a new album which he has revealed the title as “Burned Brass”.

He has also unveiled the artwork for the album with his recent release ‘Ese’, being a part of the body of work.

Kenny K’ore has released singles such as “Mind on the Road”, “No Galigali”, “Dide” and more included on the list. There is no telling if these songs will be included in the collection that will make up the “Burned Brass” album as the tracklist has not been revealed by K’ore.

Kenny K’ore who has been vocal about his beliefs on social media introduced the album cover with a sermon that encourages the love for obscurity.

“Take the unpopular route.
Use the road less traveled.
You have absolutely nobody to overtake you on the empty street!

“Relish in the world’s indifference
Like it when they ignore you,
Enjoy the serenity of isolation.
They also ignored our Brother Emmanuel
Hell is an illusion of paradise to the damned.

“Their fame impedes and constricts them, those who don’t know, sooner shall.
Let obscurity wrap about you like a mist;
obscurity is dark, ample, and free; it makes your shine glow, and glow your shine.

“Over the obscure man is poured the merciful suffusion of darkness.
None knows where he goes or comes. He may seek the truth and speak it; he alone is free; he alone is truthful, he alone is at peace.


“If you desire the path of sincerity, develop a love for obscurity.
Flee from the clatter and clinks of fame.
Be like the roots of a tree; it keeps the tree upright and gives it life, but it itself is hidden underneath the earth and eyes cannot see it.

“You in obscurity;
You’re the reason they work harder, the reason they fight fiercer, and the reason why some of them, yet may find REDEMPTION.”

Kenny Kore has not revealed details on the release date.


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