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Unlikely Supporters! Ex-Gay & Muslim Defend Kim Burrell

Muslim Defend Kim Burrell

fox-newsAmidst all the bashing Gospel singer Kim Burrell has dealt with in recent times for the homophobic remarks made in the Houston church, an unlikely supporter has spoken up on her behalf.

O’Rhonde Chapman, a former gay man who used to be a transgender Nimitz High School student fighting for acceptance has spoken on her behalf saying Kim Burrell is not the type to criticize anyone but only spoke the mind of God on the issue.

“Even hearing that snippet, I still know that her heart for people to do right and her heart after making sure that God’s mission was completed was every bit of pure no matter how it’s being received,” he said.

Eight years ago, Chapman was openly gay. Homelessness and identity issues led him to Life and Liberty Fellowship Church where he found Pastor Kim Burrell.

“She embraced me,” he said. “She didn’t shun me, she didn’t have hatred towards me. She treated me in a way that I was supposed to be treated.”

Also on Fox Face Off, community activist, Quanell X and show host Matt Patrick had quite a riveting discussion about the issue.

Quanell X who is a Muslim came to Kim Burrell’s defense saying she spoke in a religious institution and under the principles the religion upholds therefore, she has a right to say what she did.

“That woman has a right to speak from biblical perspective in a house of worship. She can call it a sin, the bible calls it a sin… She has a right […] as a child of God and a child of God is bigger than America.”



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