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“I Want To Go For The Ring” – Donnie McClurkin Ready To Allay His Fear & Get Married

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donnie-mcclurkin-600x400Gospel singer and Pastor at New York’s Perfecting Faith Church, Donnie McClurkin who made his relationship with Nicole C. Mullen public last year has admitted that he is lonely and wants to get married but scared  of failing in marriage.

The singer made this known during his interview at CBN explaining that not having a wife to share his life with has deteriorated from the feeling of just a “void” in his life to a “chasm.”

“God literally caused me to accomplish everything he purposed me to do — and more.” Donnie McClurkin told CBN “I have a wonderful two children, love my boy, love my girl. The wife aspect is the void. That’s the goal that I’m looking to fulfill in this last chapter.”

McClurkin  is father of a biological teenage son, Matthew, and adopted daughter, Michelle. Last summer, Donnie McClurkin and Nicole C. Mullen confirmed they were exploring marriage in response to an impromptu announcement by Matt Crouch on TBN‘s “Praise the Lord” that they were getting married.

“I’ll tell you I’m frightened,” he said when asked what is holding him back from getting married. “My fear factor has paralyzed me from going forward in relationships and I think that this time I’m going to wade through the fear in order to finish my life… I don’t want anything to fail. I hate failed relationships. Fear is false evidence appearing real, and it appeared so real to me that I denied myself that. Now at this stage and age I want to go for it, I want to go for the golden ring.”



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