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Bible News: A Full Blown Glorification

full blown glorification

“I have given them the glory you gave me, so they may be one as we are one.” – John 17:22

I love watching the full moon in the serenity of the night from my window… mostly when I pray, at intervals, I sometimes pause to speak some words into the atmosphere and then stare at the full moon when it comes around at the end of its circle.

It’s a silvery beauty, standing in isolation with a rainbow ring around it when the sky is clear. I look around and see how its deem glow light up every where and for some reason, in the tranquility of the still night, I always feel the eyes of God watching the whole earth, tendering to it like a sleeping baby… Gosh I love to watch the full moon.

Like walking under a full moon and feeling its silvery glow on your skin. It’s not as harsh as the feel of the sun so it’s almost unnoticeable except you are paying close attention. I feel the glory of God upon the life of a man can be compared to the feeling.

God has already put his glory on you but it’s the amount of attention you place on it that determines your awareness level of God’s glory in your life and the proportion of the manifestation you experience.

Some people are of the opinion that we live in a falling world and cannot experience the full manifestation of the glory of God here on earth, well, not like I do not agree but if Jesus said that He has given us the same glory that the Father gave to Him (John 17:22), so that we can all be one with the Godhead, why do I have to cut myself short with my awareness level?

I take the word literally and like walking under a full moon, although you can almost not feel the glow of the moon on your skin, you know it’s there and as you place close attention to the moon, your awareness level increase and so does your reaction to its presence.

Therefore I refuse to cut myself short of the awareness of the glory of God in my life, like a full moon, I am walking under a full blown glory and the knowledge of the glory of God upon my life will cover the earth like water covers the sea (Hab 2:14)… what about you?


– Written by Alex Amos

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