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SelahAfrik Top 7 Next Rated Gospel Music Releases 2016

Next Rated Gospel Music

Here are 7 exceptional releases from the most promising Christian artistes. You should look out for these guys in the forthcoming year because if the releases are consistent like they have been in 2016, then you are looking at the next big stars in the Mindustry!

1. Gospel Force – Resurrection

Gospel Force, The Resurrection

“Resurrection” by Gospel Force was released during the Easter season. The release was very timely but what’s even more is the fact that it became critically acclaimed almost immediately. Gospel Force have kept their releases top notch and the Christian Rock band don’t seem to be slowing down any time soon.


2. Michael Bassey – John 2


Wow! The name Michael Bassey isn’t all that strange if you have been listening to Gospel Force for a minute. This year, the Producer/music minister released his debut and except you are allegic to good music, you will be able to relate while Michael Bassey is going to do great in 2017… look out for this guy!


3. Theowisdom – Light of the World

light of the world, theowisdom

There is yet to be a release from Theowisdom that is not a hit! You can take that to the bank… or go listen to “Light of the World”, amongst other releases and confirm yourself! Who is this guy? For real!


4. Cykic – Take Off (October Reign 2)


“October Reign” rain (the Sequel) was heavy! Cykic is like the most lyrical rapper of the year if such award was given this year! “Life Bars” stands out from the October Reign series due to its wittiness, play on words and relatable use of language.


5. Benjiszzy – Another Saturday


Before Benjiszzy released “Another Saturday”, he said it was going to be his last release underground and true to his prediction, it was! The single has gone so viral that the Gospel rapper/singer is thinking of putting a price on his next release! Look out for this guy in 2017!


6. Limoblaze – Wedding Day


Haven topped charts and won challenges with his singles, it’s a bit difficult to put Limoblaze on a next rated list but we have to recognise “Wedding Day” somehow right? A deviation from the normal Limo sound that we are used to but a beautiful one!


7. Same OG – I Ball

i ball, same og

Think of creativity par excellence and Same OG will pop up. Her presentation is simply top notch. She has kept this song in circulation since the release in June till the end of the year by releasing the audio, following up with a great lyrics video and finally crowned the year with the official video.




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