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14 Bullets But Mercy Said No! Gospel Artiste Benjiszzy Recalls & Glorifies God After Surviving Gunshot

Gospel Artiste Benjiszzy

benjiszzy-3Gospel Artiste Benjiszzy

One of the fastest rising Gospel artistes in recent times is rapper/singer Benjiszzy. With a rough-around-the-edges look but definitely preserving his fine features, one could almost tell Benjiszzy had a life changing encounter that drew him to God.

The “I Love You” singer recounts the experience of November 29th, 2012 that led to his ministry, of how God had saved him from a gunshot. He said it must have been God’s intervention because he stood face-to-face with death.


“29th November, 2012″. Close friends and family can relate to this significant date very well. FOUR YEARS and still counting.” Benjiszzy said before sharing a 2013 post where he narrated the incident in poem-like stanzas.

“Words can’t express how i feel today. To some of my friends and my entire household, 29th November would be a day we’ll never forget. Today would have been my memorial with “RIP” inscribed on my pictures, but mercy said NO. Although I’ve been inexcusable he’s been so mindful of me.

“29th November, I sit-down with my friends
Before we know some other guys join us through the fence
Jump barbed wire, carry gun fire
kpoooo!! Kpoooo!!! Everybody run tire.

“Right there at the front of my door
My hands in the air, and I’m like Oh! my God
Few steps away was the guy with the gun
Nozzle to my head, that minute i was gone.

“Then I took few seconds to reminisce
How bad I’ve lived my life all through the years
I knew if I die I’ll be heading for Hades
So, I closed my eyes and I said these prayers.

“Lord i know it’s been a long time coming,
I know that you died and you gave your life for me
But dear Lord if you can my life for me,
I promise I’m gon’ give it back to you, AMEN”

And then he pulled the trigger
But instead, the bullets from the gun recoiled
Hitting my back, my arm and my left shoulder. (14)

How e take happen, i no know
But if you ask me, I’ll say Oluwa Hand Follow.

“Oluwa always got my back and side like these bullet scars”

Benjiszzy who has released critically acclaimed singles including “My King (Oba Mi) “, “I Love You”, recently released another Chart topper “Another Saturday”, an highly inspirational piece that is fast becoming an anthem.  He only needs to keep his consistency,  there is no telling what the talented artiste can achieve!



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