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Tosin Bee Testifies! Speaks On His Recent Auto Accident

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tosin beeGospel artiste Tosin Bee released his album “Testimony” in April of this year but little did he know that the album was more than just a testament of the things he has experienced but also of the things to come.

3 months following the release, Tosin Bee survived what should could have been a fatal accident as he was returning with his crew to Lagos after a ministration in Ibadan. The accident saw the SUV  which they were in somersaulting multiple times but no one suffered any fatal injuries, just minor cuts and bruises.

A month following the accident, Tosin Bee testifies! Read what he said below.

“On the 3rd of April 2016, I released My debut Album with the Name…TESTIMONY. When I recieved the name,I thought it was about how eventually my album was gonna be out,after many years. Of course the process was indeed a testimony, and i thank God for the process.but you know God knows more than we do. In fact we know nothing.

On the 1st of August 2016 exactly a month ago and three months after my album release, I was returning from a ministration in ibadan,with my team. Nine of us altogether.
At about 7:45 am the enemy struck. And no it wasn’t overspeeding. I wasn’t driving cos I was tired,but told someone I know was capable,to drive. Then he ran into a pothole, and we had a burst tyre, he lost control of the vehicle…the next thing I heard was Jesus!!!!! The shout woke me up…oh yes i was asleep,but the bible says, He won’t let you stumble, your Guardian God won’t fall asleep. Not on your life! Israel’s Guardian will never doze or sleep. Psalm 121:3‭-‬4 MSG.I saw how he was struggling with the vehicle, it was an experience I don’t wanna remember, before I could balance from my sleep. We were already on the third or fourth  somersaults, then the vehicle was stopped by a truck stationed by the road side.
People rushed to assist us, but to the glory of God, though we had cuts, we didn’t need assistance from them.we all came out ourselves,checked into a clinic, for first aid.

That same day we all returned to lagos, ran tests, went for xrays…the case was NOTHING MISSING, NOTHING BROKEN. in fact two days after, we were on stage again Jumping, singing and praising.
Today exactly one month,I bless God for the gift of life,upon me and upon my team. Oba ti ko doju adura tiwa, oba ti yomo re ninu ofin aye, abiyamo boja gboro gboro.the vehicle was a total write off but God did not write us off…. Psalm 124:1-8.
Thought to share track 4 in the album with you, just in case you dont have it yet. Also titled TESTIMONY”


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