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#ThisFlag Protest: How Zimbabwean Pastor Shook Mugabe’s Government

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Evan MawarireAn hashtag that has been trending on Zimbabwe’s timeline for a while is #ThisFlag, started by Zimbabwe’s pastor,  Evan Mawarire, it all started when the pastor recorded a video on social media to protest the state of the country’s economic hardship and political parties failure. He used the flag as a representation of the citizens of the country saying;

“Remember this flag, is our flag. No one else loves Zimbabwe more than Zimbabweans. God bless you.”

The pastor has been charged to court and accused of trying to overthrow the government of President Robert Mugabe but the magistrate threw out charges by the state prosecutor.

More recently, President Robert Mugabe has accused Evan Mawarire of being sponsored by foreign governments, although he has has provided no evidence to support his accusation against the Pastor. He was also charged with inciting public violence and disturbing the peace.

As #ThisFlag protest becomes stronger in Zimbabwe, with at least five people killed in one protest and scores thrown in prison.

The pastor, with no political credentials nor any sign of ambition for a political ambition however encouraged peaceful protest and has called the Mugabe government to accountability.

“We are scaling the wall of fear in a very big way in Zimbabwe.

“The goal of this campaign, the #ThisFlag campaign, was to raise more and more Zimbabweans to not be afraid anymore and to spread that message — allow it to catch on like a virus.”

Following Mugabe’s accusation, Pastor Evan Mawarire fled the country to South Africa fearing that he will be arrested again. He is now preparing to say publicly that he will not be returning to Zimbabwe anytime soon, after being reunited with his family in South Africa. He had kept mum about the information till he made sure his family left Zimbabwe.

Watch the video that sparked the #ThisFlag protest below:


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