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Photos: Man Builds $100m Replica Of Noah’s Ark In Kentucky

Noah's ark

Noah's arkKen Ham, a devout Christian, an evangelist, a science-denier and the Australian Noah has spent a $100m to construct a replica of the biblical Noah’s Ark.

The 500 foot-long Ark Encounter is the focal point for an amusement park in Kentucky. The privately funded $100 million monolith in Kentucky is seven storeys high, about 200m long and the biggest timber-framed structure on the planet. Inside the ark will be several exhibits featuring Noah and his family, along with information to help the public understand the Bible.

Ken Ham used to be a Brisbane science teacher. Three decades on, he’s one of the most polarising and powerful religious leaders in America’s Bible Belt.

Ham believes evolution is a fraud, the world is only 6000 years old and was created in six days, the Book of Genesis is historical fact and homosexuality is a sin. He is also the founder and president of Answers In Genesis (AiG).

Ham says Ark Encounter is “one of the greatest Christian outreaches of our era” and will attract up to two million Christians and non-Christians a year as it opens this July.

Aside being a devout Christian, Ken Ham is also a wise business man, he might have used biblical reference and spiritual objectives in constructing the ark but he has also made wise business decisions as well.

The ark has been very deliberately positioned in the middle of Kentucky, near the major interstate highway, and a 90-minute flight away for most middle Americans.It also include a 1500-seat restaurant and gift shop for tourists and shuttle-buses, something which was definitely not included in the original Noah’s ark.

“It’s Christian missionary strategy, with a 2016 twist… In the battle for souls in this era, you go big, Hollywood-style,” says Sunday Night journalist Steve Pennells.

The ark is the biggest monument in Ham’s multi-million religious empire — Ham is also an author, has a radio show, and is the darling of the Middle America homeschooling sector.

Take a picture tour of the ark below:

noah's ark 6

noah's ark 2

noah's ark 3

noah's ark 5


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