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Now the just shall live by faith: but if any man draw back, my soul shall have no pleasure in him.” – Hebrews 10:38

No one is exempted from the challenges of life,  as a matter of fact Jesus was specific when He said to us that in this world you will have tribulations.

Many advocate of the Kingdom lifestyle (which I am also advocating) live in the denial of this fact but the truth is we live in a fallen world and until Jesus comes back to take over the rulership, we will have to live in this world but operate the Kingdom system.

That means we will deal with  trials and challenges but what I didn’t tell you earlier when I quoted Jesus is that he said we can “be of good cheer (because he has) overcome the world”

That means we cannot be bound by the trials and challenges we go through, as a matter of fact, we have already overcome them all.

But to live the Kingdom lifestyle demands we observe the Kingdom principle.  That means we must remain under the jurisdiction of the Kingdom.  I call that jurisdiction a place of grace.

You see one can frustrate the grace of God upon one’s life when one operate outside of the will of God. This is not because God is looking out for such a person to punish him but because when we go against His will,  we give the enemy an opportunity to wage war in our lives.

The enemy will capitalize on our stained hands which keeps us from going boldly to His presence (Psalm 24) and launch his deadly misile, not only that,  he will try to keep such a person down in his dirt and pain by suggesting to such a person that it is God punishing him for his sins and disobedience.

The prodigal son left the place of grace as well and ate with pigs in his ignorance but when he realized who he is,  he went back to his father who restored him to his place of grace.  Now in that culture,  it is not customary that a father leaves his position and runs to welcome a son,  especially a prodigal one. Nonetheless this father did just that and also restored the son…  Now that is abundance of grace – in the place of grace.

Friend,  Jesus has already finished every work of perfecting you need and if you remain in the place of grace, no matter what you are facing right now,  it will work for your good. Now if you take matters into your hand,  go outside His will to try to fix things or rebel against His will, the harm you do yourself is inquantifiable because what you do is to make His Spirit passive inside of you. This is when the enemy swoop in like a flood to wage war. Therefore,  wait on God and remain in the place of grace.

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Alex jpgAlex Amos is a Creative Writer and Team Head at Lexyville Entertainment, publishers of SelahAfrik. He is a publicist for Christian personalities including Wole Oni, Wilson Joel, Glowreeyah Braimah, Ada, Chris Shalom and more. Alex is an assistant pastor, serving in Heaven on Earth Ministries.

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