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Rapper Dee-1 Rejects TV Role Due To Profanity & It Pays Off

dee-1 rejects tv role

dee-1American Christian rapper Dee-1 rejects TV role? In a recent Youtube upload talked about how he passed on a huge acting role, something referred to as a ‘good opportunity’ for a ‘God opportunity’ and it pays off.

He had been cast for a major role in a popular TV show but with the condition that he had to use profanity in his dialogue, Dee-1 politely rejected the role after weighing his options and choosing to stick with his value. The amazing thing happened to the rapper haven rejected the role. A bigger business opportunity was presented to the rapper and Dee-1 said it wasn’t a coincidence.

The rapper said God was watching him and seeing the test of his faith and the latter opportunity was his reward for not letting down his values.

Watch the video below:


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