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The Truth With Wilson Joel: In Pursuit Of Vanity!!

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Wilson JoelVanity upon vanity is vanity. You can acquire everything money can buy an still feel empty on the inside! You can fly first class to Tel Aviv and stop in Paris on your way there but still feel worthless. You can cruise a G-Wagon 65 AMG and still feel like life is passing you by. You can obtain the highest degree there ever can be in school and still feel blank headed… 6 packs are amazing to have as you’ll look as sexy as ever but that as well can make your life vulnerable to uninvited drama, you can have a sexy banging body but it can make you a “bang material”. You can live in Rio de Janeiro and work in New York and still feel something is missing, you can be the talk of the town and feel absolutely like a mess.

Good things are good to have and be but anything void of GOD is ultimately going to head towards destruction!

In all we do, we must ultimately remember to never shut GOD out of our daily operations. As its pertinent that we now live in a world where mentioning GOD is reduced to our places of worship. ‪#‎Selah‬

I have seen vanity at its peak, I guess I can advise you dear reader that it ain’t all that. It glitters on the outside but on the inside its a rot!

All that matters is being at peace with your maker and what He did/does/and is doing for you. Your arm of flesh will fail you greatly! If you don’t believe me, go ahead and do everything possible to acquire vanity! Except God builds, you’re building in vain!


©®™ Wilson Joel

About Wilson Joel

Born, raised & bred in Lagos, Nigeria. Headed for the study of medicine, he realized that music is his passion so the journey started way back in the 90’s starting out as a studio apprentice and later an intern with another fast rising studio in Lagos around 2001-2002.

He relocated to South Africa where the career then received more light and found expression. Wilson Joel has since become a force to reckon with in Africa, Asia and Europe

His production skills are highly sorted after by clients around the world. Wilson Jadore Joel has worked with many personalities in the music industry and corporate organisations both home and abroad including Wanda Baloyi (SA), MXO (SA), Lili Feng (China), Chevelle Franklyn (Jamaica), Oby M(UK), Abby Godwin (UK), Lite (Canada), Judith Sephuma (SA), Lulu (SA), Ade Bantu (Germany), Funmi (Sweden), C-Sharp (SA), Kiku (SA), Assent Tweed (SA), Kenny K’ore (Nigeria), ID Cabasa (Nigeria), Sinach (Nigeria) And Many More In Africa,Europe,Asia and more. Wilson has shared stage with the some prominent artiste around the world Including Bob james, Abraham Laboriel, Donnie McClurkin, Chevelle Franklyn, Sadao Watanabe, Micah Stampley, Mike Aremu, Sammie Okposo, Judith Sephuma, Kunle Ayo and many more.



Twitter: @wilsonjoel

Instagram: @musicmagnate

Facebook: Wilson Joel

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