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Would This Bring You To Church? All Glass High Heel Shaped Church Built In Taiwan


glass churchA church in Taiwan has been built in the shape of a high heel shoe in a town in Jaiyi County to attract female worshipers.

The church stands at a massive 55 feet tall, 36 feet wide, and is made out of 320 pieces of glass. It is expected to open to churchgoers before the Chinese New Year on Feb. 8.

Huanqiu.com, an affiliation of the People’s Daily Online, said that the building is made almost entirely out of glass in Ocean View Park, Budai town by the Southwest Coast National Scenic Area in Jaiyi County.

Zheng Rongfeng, spokesman of the Southwest Coast National Scenic Area, revealed that the waterfront church’s fashionable design is specifically made to attract female worshipers.

The exterior design is not the only attraction, however, as Rongfeng revealed that there will be ‘100 female-oriented features in the church,’ including ‘chairs for ‘lovers,’ maple leaves, biscuits and cakes.’


Source: ChristianPost, DailyMail, Huanqiu




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