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Bible News: Is There Room In Your Inn This Christmas?


bethlehem3The Inn keeper already had his inn filled when the first Christmas happened so he could only make room for the saviour of the world in a stable. Now lots of people will look at this remark and say I am adding too much meaning to the event but I want you to look at what is happening today very carefully.

People who are broke will be very sad they are not spending Christmas right. Those who have will take their family out, go on holiday to go spend time with loved ones or just enjoy the change of enviroment. Some people will go reveling with friends, lovers and what have you. few people will go to church, listen to sermon, follow the ritual to the end, wish some other people Merry Christmas, go back home and enjoy a good meal while listening to carols, shoot fire crackers… I mean it’s Christmas afterall.

Amidst all these very few will remember that this is Jesus’ party not mine. He is the reason for the season and if so, let’s find a way amidst all the rituals to put the celebrant at the center of the whole party.

Today is a day to make room for Jesus, like many activities are going on today, so it was on the day of the very first Christmas, Many people went about their daily business except the wise men, the shepherd and of course, the angels. Don’t miss the whole point of today and I hope at the end of the day, you can still present yourself (worship) as the best gift you can give to Him.

— Written by Alex Amos



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