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Selah’s Journal: Wow!! 3 Years And Counting!! Happy Independence SelahAfrikans


SelahAfrik Proudly NigerianIt’s around past 2pm and my eyes are itchy. I have been awake for too long watching night turn into day (and I decree for as many reading this post that whatever represent night in your life, you will watch it turn to day in this season in Jesus name. Amen) – and moreso, Nigeria’s  Independence Day.

Today is significant for me not just because it’s Nigeria’s Independence day but also it marked the day I got my independence as well. Yes.

It didn’t feel much like an independence that day, I had woken up early pretty much like today and was jittery about my first post on this blog I asked my friend Ayo to open for me on his laptop because I had neither a laptop nor internet access at the time. All I had was a blackberry 9630 that had seen better days but I was going to obey this instruction to be posting an article every week on this blog. You are wondering who gave me the instruction yeah? That’s a story for another day.

I had a different story in mind but I got on social media that day and everyone had something negative to say about Nigeria so I decided to write the story Across The Hill and I have shared this story every year eversince. It was a parable about people who complain about where they are from and seek greener pastures only to discover that the same attitude they displayed at home will eventually catch up with them across the hill.

This story is more than a story for me, it’s a lifestyle. It’s how God changed me by first changing the way I think. I have been wounded a lot in my past and I still carry the scars of those wounds but I tell you this, they are only there as testimonials to as many as are going through similar circumstances today.

Your problem is not because you are born a Nigerian, your problem is that you are convinced it’s a problem you are a Nigerian. Once you figure out who you are, you can begin to create your world. I came from a very choked up place in life but God has gotten me farther than I had the knowledge to get myself. There are still places to go but I can speak with boldness of speech because of this great hope I have which does not disappoints. I will tell you my story… in time. My prayer is that God will preserve us and continue to show forth His glory through this platform of His.

Happy Independence Nigeria and Happy Independence SelahAfrikans!

— Written by Alex Amos

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