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New Movie ‘Woodlawn’ Stirs Revival Amongst American National Football League (NFL) Players

Photo: Instagram/NFL/Michael Perez/AP New York Giants and the Philadelphia Eagles
New Erwin brother’s film ‘Woodlawn’ has been stirring faith in the heart of American football players in the NFL as they are taking to the field in public prayer and also coming to faith in Jesus Christ. It has been reported that College and High School are following suit in the same tradition.
The NFL have recently been posting pictures on social media of NFL teams praying. Sunday 18th, the Seattle Seahawks and Carolina Panthers knelt in prayer in the middle of the field before a game. The again another shot was captured the New York Giants and the Philadelphia Eagles knelt down in prayer. The images are similar to what happened in Woodlawn High school in the ’70s during very trying times.
Photo: Instagram/tapiaphoto/NFL Seattle Seahawks and Carolina Panthers

 ‘Woodlawn’ the film hit theaters Oct. 16 and is the true story focused on one of the first African-American star football players, Tony Nathan, and the spiritual awakening that happened during 1973-74 season at Woodlawn High School in Birmingham, Alabama amid forced racial integration of public high schools.

woodlawnThe movie highlights the revival that swept over a town because of a Chaplin’s boldness to introduce a football team to Jesus and it appears that the film’s message is spreading like wild fire. According to various reports, young people are standing up for their faith.

“I’ve never seen anything like it in my life! It started in Memphis, forty players came to Christ,” filmmaker Jon Erwin said in a radio interview about the revival that has hit movie theaters since the viewing of the film.

The Erwin brother likewise said during the 2015 Dove Awards that there in fact is a “revival happening in the movie theater.”

College players, even entire teams are coming to faith while watching the movie a video promotion for the film noted.

Watch trailer below:

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