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The Truth With Wilson Joel: The Gospel Artiste Vs. Other Genres [+ Vox Pop]


Wilson Joel(I just might lose many folks who don’t like the truth after this)

Before I go on let me state that I’m non-partisan on this matter as I need to be very fair.

You see, I so much love all types of music but I have a problem with musicians who cannot stand for what they believe.

Let me just drop my questions…

1. Why are Gospel artistes not getting much attention (seeing that they sing or put out songs of Praise & Worship To God?) and other genre of artistes get so much attention?

2. Why does it seem like there’s no “Industry” for Gospel Music but other Genres have such a huge industry? Hold on, don’t mention the “devil”…

Well here are my own answers:

1. The greed, disloyalty, selfishness, ego, malice, backbiting, and so on, that has ravaged the Gospel musicians is scary whilst these other genre of musicians have so much loyalty, cooperation, unity & networking, working for them.

2. As much as we want to blame the churches for the lack of Gospel Music Industry (Especially in Africa), I beg to differ as no artiste can exhibit such characteristics in my answer above (1) and expect someone else to take them seriously. Asides that, the church’s four walls is just a little part of the Industry Gospel Music needs.

What’s your own answer? Please feel free to participate with very constructive criticisms.


Herbert Onyx Otuonye (Musician): When a gospel artist who is well known,sees another artist coming up and making waves,he becomes unhappy cos he wants to be only outstanding artiste. No cooperation at all like you said and some of them will never say anything good about another artiste… competition.

Primrose Obata Dodo (Stylist): Hmmmm… I see it differently Wilson Joel. Apart from the bad belle, I believe the entertainment in Nigeria is not ready to invest their time and money into Gospel cos they believe they will not get returns on their investment because the Market is limited… my 2 cent.

Imah Marcel Otejiri (Gospel Artiste): Your analogy is hyper on point. Even the small Gospel artist when just manage de run small scale don de form pride because e feel say na scales be music. Yes the big guys don’t carry us along but we the upcoming ones make we try de loyal. We most times don’t truly serve and these guys know that’s why they will not give you the mic to have one minute solo during a concert cos the last time you had the chance you over soloed…. Lol. And please o how many gospel artists are really working hard..? Since Frank Edwards and Eben started this rock thing… Everybody wan do rock even my coral group leader for church… Lol.

Psalmist Vicky (Gospel Artiste): Truth said Wilson Joel. They don’t wanna hold hand and groom themselves together… Like Kirk Franklin,Cece Winnas and the rest in the western world, they are united and they support each other, greed, envy and only me wanna reign is distracting them from understanding that God has giving us the mandate to push the gospel collectively.

DJ Gosporella (Pioneer Gospel DJ):Never a truth has been thus spoken. Especially about disloyalty. How can you grow when you bite the finger that fed you? People are watching, the spirit is speaking. I look at somepeople from afar and laugh because God laughs too at the ***** of His creation trying to be wiser than Him.

Do you agree with Wilson Joel or you don’t? Kindly share your view using the comment section below.

About Wilson Joel

Born, raised & bred in Lagos, Nigeria. Headed for the study of medicine, he realized that music is his passion so the journey started way back in the 90’s starting out as a studio apprentice and later an intern with another fast rising studio in Lagos around 2001-2002.

He relocated to South Africa where the career then received more light and found expression. Wilson Joel has since become a force to reckon with in Africa, Asia and Europe

His production skills are highly sorted after by clients around the world. Wilson Jadore Joel has worked with many personalities in the music industry and corporate organisations both home and abroad including Wanda Baloyi (SA), MXO (SA), Lili Feng (China), Chevelle Franklyn (Jamaica), Oby M(UK), Abby Godwin (UK), Lite (Canada), Judith Sephuma (SA), Lulu (SA), Ade Bantu (Germany), Funmi (Sweden), C-Sharp (SA), Kiku (SA), Assent Tweed (SA), Kenny K’ore (Nigeria), ID Cabasa (Nigeria), Sinach (Nigeria) And Many More In Africa,Europe,Asia and more. Wilson has shared stage with the some prominent artiste around the world Including Bob james, Abraham Laboriel, Donnie McClurkin, Chevelle Franklyn, Sadao Watanabe, Micah Stampley, Mike Aremu, Sammie Okposo, Judith Sephuma, Kunle Ayo and many more.


Twitter: @wilsonjoel

Instagram: @musicmagnate

Facebook: Wilson Joel

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