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18 Days To Go!! Anticipate “Pamoto” By Shoggy Tosh Featuring Henrisoul


Pamoto by Shoggy Tosh ft Henrisoul - AUDIO (2)Pamoto (Shoggy Tosh’s latest single) featuring one Nigeria’s top gospel stars – Henrisoul was produced by Pastorchild and is his second single from his EP, ‘Emujow’. The song was written and composed by Shoggy Tosh & Henrisoul, and produced by PastorchildPamoto was mixed in London by Pastorchild, and mastered in the USA by Izzy.

Pamoto means an addictive dance dedicated to the Creator of mankind. It is performed by bending your knees slightly, and raising your hands upright, in a driving motion. Life on this terrestrial ball was not meant to be smooth, and from time to time we are engulfed in problems and challenges. However, by dancing and praising God Almighty, these problems are surmounted.

The song is set to be officially released on 10 October, 2015, whilst the music video directed by Femi Best Touch is to be released on 6 December, 2015Shoggy Tosh‘s initiative, the ‘Emujow EP’ is a charitable project dedicated to raising funds for less privileged people all around the world. Shoggy Tosh was only recently nominated at the 2015 PGMA London awards in the Gospel artist of the year category. 

Shoggy Tosh (born in Birmingham, United Kingdom on 9 January 1974) is a multi-award winning publisher, producer, author and television presenter mentored by Rev. Tim Omotoso. He is the founder of The Official Stars Homepage Magazine, TV & PR and also a British/Nigerian rapper.   

On 9 January 2014, he released his debut rap single, “Emujow” featuring Shady Blue and Jamaican gospel dancehall star, Dunamis Reignz. In February 2014, the song topped the Reverbnation ‘dance’ chart at number 1 in London, peaked at number 2 in the whole of the United Kingdom and number 38 in the world.

Shoggy Tosh’s Emujow featuring Shady Blue and Dunamis Reignz won it’s first ever award as the best African praise/contemporary song at the 6th Annual Dinner Awards & Dance event – the 2014 PGMA London awards held at Rowans Leisure Grand Suite. Finsbury Park, London on Saturday, 11th October 2014. For more information on how to donate and support this project, visit toshshoggy.com or drop an email to emujow@toshmag.com.


SONG – Twitter:  @Pamoto_ & Instagram@Pamoto_

ARTIST – Twitter: @ShoggyTosh & Instagram: @ShoggyTosh

FEATURED ARTIST: Twitter: @Henrisoul & Instagram: @Henrisoul


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