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“Crush The Gap And Give Power To Followers” – Pastor Sam Adeyemi At Regent University


Pastor of the Daystar Christian Centre Sam Adeyemi took the center stage at the Willow Creek Association’s (WCA) 2015 Global Leadership Summit at Regent University after recommendations from those who attended past conferences and considering the leadership success of Adeyemi’s Daystar Ministries in Nigeria. Pastor Sam Adeyemi is a doctoral student of the Regent University.

Sam Adeyemi“I spoke on crushing the power chasm, the gap that exists between leaders and followers,” said Adeyemi. “Jesus lived in that kind of a culture where the powerful were very powerful and the powerless were very powerless. He crushed the power gaps between men and women, between adults and children, between leaders and followers. Power distance leaves followers with low self-esteem. They are unable to share their views. The leaders themselves are not accountable and run into scandals. I challenged everyone to crush those power gaps and give power away to their followers.”

Pastor Sam Adeyemi shared this message from the conference’s broadcast site in Chicago. According to WCA, the two-day summit reaches more than 260,000 leaders in 700 cities across the world. Eventually, the program is converted into 45 different languages. Since 1995, the conference has sought to inspire, encourage and equip Christian leaders to create thriving local churches that are passionate about redeeming their communities for Christ.

Regent University is a Christian educational institution with the aim of raising leaders that will change the world by consistently delivering excellent graduate and undergraduate programs both online and on campus in order to prepare Christian leaders for lives of significant purpose and service. For more information visit regent.edu





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