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Top On My Playlist [Mid-Year Edition]: Bamidele Gospel, Onos, Ada, Johnny Drille + More


my-top-5Hello SelahAfrikans, here are the top 17 songs on my playlist at the moment – the top 17 Gospel songs released in 2015 (in no particular order). This came in a little past mid-year… oh well, better late than never! So without much ado, let’s get into it!

I’m Alive to Worship – Bamidele Gospel


This song is so reminiscent of the times of Jim Reeves, Mary McKey, and the likes… Im talking 1940s and 50s. It is so peaceful, so sincere and I think with few more singles like this, Bamidele Gospel will soon become an household name.


Have Your Way – Onos


The realms Onos touched on this song are beyond comprehension. Yes, it was supposed to be a contemporary worship song but somehow she broke the boundaries of genres and just touched the heavens.


My Love Don’t Lie – Johnny Drille

Johnny Drille

OMG!! I am almost sure this song will still be on the December edition of this list. Johnny Drille did a great work on this song. Unusual with a Country Music feel, the theme of the song as well adapted those relevant within Country music. I just wished it was more faith inclined than love, but that’s just me, I’m sure many others don’t mind.


Power Belongs to You – Chris Shalom

Chris Shalom Power Belongs to You

Simple but powerful. Chris Shalom has a way with worship songs, he makes them ‘sing along-able’ and leaves an indelible mark in the sands of time.


Oghene Doh – Kaydee Numbere


Wow! beautiful Highlife music with some bit of Reggae here and there. Trust the Numbere brothers to always come through.


A Path of Truth – Nicanor


Country Music… simple and spiritual. It caught me from the get-go


Bobo Me [Remix] – Ada Ft. Victor Ike


Many where skeptical about Ada releasing a remix for the massive hit ‘Bobo Me’ and to be frank, so was I from the onset. Every doubt was however shattered when I heard the song. I had the privilege to hear the song before most and I wasn’t surprise at the reception of the song and how it has infiltrated the media.


Hallelujah – Mike Abdul

Mike Abdulng

Mike Abdul has a special gift of making hits out of urban gospel music and I believe any release from Mike would make it to this list, “Hallelujah” just happens to be his latest and as usual, he nailed it.


Okaka – Shedrach KC


Shedrach KC is a new artiste but “Okaka” will strike a cord – literally – in you. soft uptempo and very melodious.


Rayuwa  – Adesanmi Michael


“Rayuwa” has that Northern music appeal. That is aside from the language used of course. The most beautiful thing about the song is that it is written and performed by a westerner


Winner – Brenda


A declarative anthem, audacious and up-in-you-face! From the beat to the voicing, this single nailed it!


Yahweh – Joi Mor

Joi Mor

Beautiful and anointed single from fashion savvy Joi-Mor. This single raised a lot of positive comments when it was released and has made it to a number of charts as well.


DJ Play the Music – DJ Ernesty ft. GT Da Rapman, Exzel, Promise Benson Frankie Walter

DJ Ernesty

I never thought a Christian can make a single about DJ till DJ Ernesty gathered his army of artistes and did it! I have heard different music about the DJ – and they are always about the DJ, but this particular song shifted the focus on God as the artistes on the song beckons DJ Ernesty to play them a praise song to God. I think that’s a brilliant twist!


Ororo – Rymsta Ray

Rymsta Ray

Rymsta Ray is one of the best Christian MCs to step to the mic! “Ororo” goes further to prove the fact!


Cruxifix – Gamie


If there is a scale for Gospel rap music, Gamie will be seating amongst the first five. I am almost certain this song will still be on the December edition of this list. Thank you Gamie for shifting the focus to more serious thematic preoccupation which is lacking amongst most Gospel rappers.


Tru South – Nothing but the Truth

tru south

This song reminds me of when Tru South debut on the scene with “Head Full of Dreams”. “Nothing but the Truth” like the name suggests is real, street and fulfills the original intent of Hip Hop – reflect the society through rhymes and poetry with positive resolutions.


Son of God – Nathaniel Bassey


Although, Son of God was released in December, Nathaniel Bassey only uploaded it to his Youtube in recent times, hence, the reason why it made this list. Most beautiful work of art and ministry!

Written by Alex Amos




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